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Proper treatment of your feet if you have Diabetes – precautions to take

If you have diabetes, taking care of your feet is one of the important items that your doctor will recommend. Well, for the uninformed of you, what is the relation between your feet and diabetes ? Well, diabetes can cause problems to your blood flow and the vessels through which your blood flows, and also cause problems in your nervous system. These are the various problems that cause further problems in the legs of people afflicted with diabetes, and this is what I am going to write about:
– With the impact that the high sugar levels have on the blood vessels, the flow of blood to the feet get impacted, decreasing the blood flow to the leg. With the reduced circulation of blood, there are further problems that are caused. The skin gets impacted, and the tendency to develop ulcers increases. Further, the high level of sugar in the blood can cause a higher level of infection by organisms such as bacteria and fungii.
– With the damage to the nervous system due to diabetes, the person may have a reduced level of feeling in the legs. Thus, when any kind of infection occurs in the leg, or any other problem such as a blister or a sore; the person may not notice that such a problem has occurred and result in neglect of the problem. Neglect in turn leads to development of deeper sores and ulcers, and by this time, you are in serious problem.
With these problems, a neglected problem can lead to deeper infections that in turn causes decay of the tissue, with the onset of gangrene. Ignoring this will typically require a trip to the hospital to get the gangrene treated, but if the gangrene has spread (and diabetes does reduce the ability of the body to heal from such infections), then this will require amputation of the affected area – this could be a toe, or could be the entire leg. And this is not an empty warning, there is a minor percentage of diabetes patients who have had to have this sort of amputation.

What do you do ?
Well, the first and most important item is to get your diabetes under control, and not have a high level of sugar in the blood. Controlled levels of sugar in the blood causes the body to heal faster, and reduce the number of ulcers that get formed; there is also a decrease in the speed of nerve damage. Get the required amount of physical exercise to ensure that your blood sugar has more incentive to remain normal.

Some more items that you need to do to ensure that your feet remain well and healthy:
Examine your feet at least once an year medically. I don’t mean that you look at your feet once a year, what I mean is to schedule an appointment with a diabetologist for examination of your feet. During this examination, the expert will check the foot for poor circulation, skin changes, ulcers, deformities, nerve damage, and so on. The expert will also check the reflexes of your feet. If you are seeing some sort of problems with your feet, then you should check with your expert.

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