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Causes and symptoms of Diabetes – Natural Home Remedies for Curing diabetes

In Ayurveda, diabetes is known as madhumeha. It is classified as kapha type disorder. When body is not able to synthesize sugar because of the absence of insulin, the sugar gets absorbed and accumulated in blood and the blood sugar level increases leading to diabetes. Some causes of diabetes listed in ayurveda are:
– stress and mental tension.
– poor digestion and nutrition.
– nervous system problems.
– obesity.
The symptoms of diabetes include feeling hungry and thirsty, frequent urination, weight gain or loss, eyesight loss, tiredness, nerves problem, wounds not healing.

In Ayurveda, treatment for diabetes focuses more on yoga, diet and exercise. The treatment is on multiple levels. Initially, they start the treatment by balancing the diet pattern which includes no sugar, less carbohydrates and fats. After this, ayurvedic treatment called panchkarma is given or sometimes the ayurvedic treatment is decided based on the condition of the patient.

Some herbs that can be used to cure diabetes are :
– Some ayurvedic medicines recommended for diabetes are Vasanta kusumakara and Shilajatu.
– Juice of bitter gourd daily empty stomach.
– Turmeric along with aloevera is an effective remedy.
– Fenugreek, white pepper and turmeric taken with milk or honey is effective.
– Swallow garlic without chewing.
– Amla controls blood sugar.
– Neem juice is also an effective remedy.

Some precautions that need to be taken are:
– Avoid yourself from any kind of injury as healing becomes difficult for a person who is suffering from diabetes.
– Avoid fatty food.
– Maintain a good lifestyle and a healthy diet.
– Take good care of feet and eyes.
– Avoid sleeping in day time.
– Avoid high carbohydrate diet.

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