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Proper treatment of your feet if you have Diabetes – precautions to take – Part 2

In the previous post (Diabetic and foot precautions), I had written about some of the checks that a person should do if they are suffering from diabetes in terms of ensuring that their feet remain healthy. For a person with diabetes, the high blood sugar means that there is some impact on the blood vessels as well as on the nervous system, both of which can cause problems to the feet. In this post, I will post some steps that a person should take to ensure that you reduce the probability of something bad happening to your feet:
– Make sure that you check your feet on a regular basis, preferably on a daily basis. You can use mirrors to see under your toes. If you find some instances of pain that remains, any instances of numbness or tingling, or redness, then make sure that you check with your doctor.
– Avoid your feet being exposed to too much hot or cold. Remember, when your nerves have got affected to some degree by diabetes, it can be harder to make out whether the water is too hot or too cold
– Avoid being barefoot
– When you are wearing your socks or stockings, dust your feet lightly with some powder (medicated powder); talk to your doctor
– Make sure that you cut your toenails straight, else you risk getting ingrown toenails.
– Make sure that you dry your feet well after a bath, or any other occasion when your feet get wet, including drying the portion between the toes (pat your feet with a towel)
– Be careful to avoid your feet getting too dry, since that will cause your feet to crack, and that is something that you want to avoid
– If you smoke, then you should stop. Smoking contributes to a reduction in the blood flow to the feet.
– Be careful about your choice of shoes. If you see shoes that have pointed ends, these can impact the blood pressure to the toe region of your feet. Wear shoes that give space to the toe region of your feet.
– It is preferable to wear shoes made of material that allows the movement of air, such as leather or suede or canvas. Plastic shoes do not allow the transfer of air and can impact your feet.
– If you live in a cold region, then wear socks to bed. You need to prevent hot or cold danger to your feet.

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