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Proper treatment of your feet if you have Diabetes – precautions to take – Part 3

In the previous post in this blog (Diabetes and feet care), I have been pointing out a series of steps that need to be taken if you have diabetes and are necessary for the proper protection of your feet. The previous series of steps are more important in terms of finding out if you have problems in your feet; further, there are also steps outlined in terms of the daily and regular care necessary for preventing something from happening. In this post, I will outline some of the precautions necessary for buying your shoes and other foot wear:
– When you are buying your shoes / sandals or other footwear, then make sure that there are no rough edges inside the footwear; these can cause irritation to your feet and lead to further problems.
– Avoid shoes or sandals that are open from the front, such as flip-flops and open sandals. These expose the toes to a lot of wear and tear and can cause injury.
– Always buy footwear that is comfortable and easy on the feet. Even if a piece of footwear looks fashionable, if you are diabetic, then you should look at comfort first and fashion later. Many people buy shoes that are a bit tight in the belief that the shoe will loosen up later – this is something that may or may not happen. Unless you know for sure that this will happen, avoid buying such footwear.
– Do not wear shoes or sandals that cause your toes to become constricted, such as those shiny pointy leather shoes that are pointed in the front. These can cause damage to the front part of your feet over a period of time.
– This may seem very obvious, but ladies really need to avoid these high heels that put a lot of strain on the ankle.
– The foot expands and contracts a bit during the day, and swells a bit during the day, being the biggest in the evening. That is the time when you should buy your footwear, because if your footwear is comfortable at this time, then it will be comfortable all through the day.

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