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What are the health benefits of Mustard Oil ?

Mustard oil is prepared from mustard seeds. It is very popular all over the world both for cooking purpose and for curative purpose. It is aromatic in nature which is also considered as one of the healing properties of mustard oil. The mustard oil is extracted from three different seeds namely Brassica Nigra (the black mustard), Brassica Juncea (the Indian brown mustard), and Brassica Hirta (the white mustard). As edible oil, it is used mostly to fry food which is covered in batter referred to as fritters. Mustard oil has many health benefits. This article will tell you about all the benefits it provides.
Mustard oil is a great supplement for healthy hair growth. It is proved by real life experiments that mustard oil promotes hair growth and makes the hair very strong, hence preventing breakage. This is because it contains vitamins like E and C and calcium which act as the hair growth agents. The content of fatty acids present in the mustard oil helps condition your hair. Although prolonged application of mustard oil gives a brownish color to your hair but its benefit as a hair vitalizer cannot be neglected.
A very rare neurobiology disorder named Adrenoleukodystrophy is treated with the help of a mixture of erucic acid and oleic acid in a ratio of 4:1. Both these acids are present in the mustard oil. So when taken in a desirable quantity it can help treat this disease. Apart from this, mustard oil is also very helpful in preventing coronary heart diseases.
The mustard oil’s irritant property has a side effect which is considered beneficial in cases where people do not feel hungry. This negative characteristic of the oil provides an advantage for many people as it works as an appetizer in people suffering from lack of hunger. Mustard oil is also used externally. It is applied on the body to stimulate blood circulation and also promote the secretion of sweat in order to get rid of harmful toxins and excess of water. Mustard oil is very essential for the skin. It acts as an anti aging agent and helps reduce the dark spots. It also helps in enhancing the fairness of the skin by reducing the production melanin. Also it is quite beneficial in reducing the blackness of the knees and elbows.
The mustard oil contains monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats which are very useful in lowering the level of harmful cholesterol and increases the level of good cholesterol. It maintains a balance in the cholesterol level preventing any type of heart disease, kidney problems and hyperthyroidism. It also prevents the chances of arthritis.
People suffering from severe headaches can go for the mustard oil treatment. It acts as a great medicine to reduce headaches as compared to other medicines. Simply applying the oil on the forehead and massaging it will help you get rid of the head pain. Mustard oil also clears up the chest congestion on application on the chest. It is quite useful for congestion caused during cold.
As an irritant mustard oil helps people who lack the sensation or suffer from numbness. On taking a massage using mustard oil you can get a strong body. The sweat produced on massaging the mustard oil on body also helps in lowering the internal body temperature and keep you cool. It is a very fine anti fungal agent. It stops the growth of fungus, keeping you healthy. As a whole, mustard oil is very helpful for maintaining a proper health and a strong body. It is one out of many oils which is filled with
medicinal values.
The use of mustard oil can make you lead a healthy life.

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