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What are natural home remedies for Leucoderma or white patches on skin?

Leukoderma is also known as vitiligo. It is a skin condition or disease. It is a skin condition in which there are white patches on the skin. The skin pigments are lost from the skin layers. Loss of melanine is the reason behind these white patches. The most affected areas are face, wrist, neck, hands or back. It is not a contagious disease.

The real cause is not known but some causes contributing to this disease are excessive mental worry, chronic or acute gastric disorders, jaundice, worms, typhoid, defective perspiratory mechanism, burn injuries, bad food habits, worms and hereditary.

The symptoms of leukoderma are:
– white spots or patches.
– spots merge into each other and form a broad patch.
– Cold sensitive.
– Graying and falling of hair.

Leucoderma occurs in three types of patterns:
– Focal pattern where the loss of pigmentation occurs in a few areas of the body.
– Segmental pattern where the loss of pigmentation occurs only on one side of the body.
– Generalized pattern where the loss of pigmentation occurs all over the body.

– Having water kept overnight in copper vessel is very effective.
– Expose body to sunlight for few minutes everyday.
– A paste from seeds of radish in treating leucoderma.
– Eat lot of fiber in your diet.
– Include vitamins in your diet.
– Fresh fruit diet is very good as it cleanse the system.
– Soaking a little turmeric in eight times water is an effective remedy.
– Red clay mixed with ginger juice to form a paste and applied to the affected area.
– Seeds of babchi soaked in ginger juice and then powdered and taken with milk are very effective.
– Eat goose foot, a type of vegetable, in the morning and evening for about 2 months.
– Holy basil is a good treatment for leucoderma.
– Avoid red meat or fish.
– Mix one part of lemna minor with one part of honey and drink one teaspoon of mixture twice a day one hour after meals.
– Take half a fig and rub on white spots.
– Drinking neem juice is very effective.
– The combination of 100 gm of drug alfalfa and cucumber juice has beneficial effects on leucoderma.

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