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Health benefits of saffron (an expensive plant)

Saffron comes from the plant named Crocus whose botanical name is Crocus Sativus. Saffron is prepared by drying the stigma of the flowers of the crocus plant. The crocus plant is a perennial plant and it belongs to the iridaceae family of the plants. Saffron is basically used as a spice to add color to food. Along with color it also provides a nice flavor to food. It is one of the highest costing spices from all over the world. Saffron is of yellowish orange color. It is extensively used in ayurvedic and homeopathic medicines. There are many home remedies which use saffron for treatment. This is due to the many beneficial properties that saffron has. Some of these are:
– Saffron is very good for treating depression. A study has proved that saffron intake gradually reduces depression.
– Saffron is also very good at maintaining good vision and it also helps in preventing vision loss and some of the problems associated with the area of vision. Saffron contains many components which are essential in repairing vision and this fact has been proven by some researchers.
– The various anti-oxidants present in saffron help in reducing infections and stress. Saffron contains many vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin A, niacin, riboflavin, folic acid. All these vitamins and minerals are essential for maintaining a good health.
– Saffron has properties which can lighten the skin complexion and hence it is used in many cosmetic products for the said purpose.
– Crocin is one of the main components present in saffron. This compound is considered to be very useful in sharpening memory hence providing memory retention power, enhanced learning and recalling ability. Due to this reason saffron has been used as medicine for the treatment of mental impairments.
– For the acute dryness on skin, application of saffron cream can be of great use.
– It also considered being very beneficial for the treatment of cough, baldness, indigestion and insomnia.
– Liver, kidney and bladder problems can also be treated by the intake of saffron.
– Gastric problems can be treated easily with the help of saffron. The inner membranes of the stomach and colon are coated by saffron which helps in soothing acidity.
– Menstrual problems like painful periods and irregularity of periods can be treated by the intake of saffron.
– Asthma patients are also suggested to add saffron to their diet.
– Many types of cancers have also been treated with the help of saffron (talk to your doctor about this before depending entirely on this).
It is always advised to take products that contain saffron threads instead of saffron powder because saffron is considered to be more reactive in the thread form rather than the powdered form.
– Saffron enhances the pulmonary oxygenation. Studies have shown that there are properties in saffron which help fight against the skin tumors and also arthritis.
– Saffron has been used as a blood purifier for ages and it also helps in stimulating blood circulation. Bruises and wounds are also treated very quickly with use of saffron.
– Rubbing saffron on your gums can help you reduce the problem of inflammation in mouth. The results are seen immediately and the inflammations are reduced instantly.
– Bad cholesterol levels are also decreased by the intake of saffron.
– Athletes use saffron to reduce their fatigue. Saffron prevents lactic acid formation on tissues after exercise and this in turn helps in preventing fatigue.
Saffron is very good for skin and regular intake of saffron with milk ensures a visibly fairer and glowing skin. There are many benefits of saffron (used for many problems). Although, saffron is one of the most expensive spices available, it is used extensively by many people.

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