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What are the health benefits of curry leaves?

Curry leaves are also referred to as curry patta in Hindi. The curry leaves are produced from the plant whose scientific name is Murraya Koenigi. The leaves of the curry leaves have a dark green color and the leaves are very aromatic with a slightly bitter flavor. These leaves are mostly used in the dishes of Southern India. Although curry leaves are used in various south Indian dishes, they also work as medicines for many problems. The curry leaves have a moisture content of 66.3 %, protein 6.1 %, fiber 6.4 %, carbohydrates 16 %, and minerals 4.2 % per 100 grams. They also contain calcium, phosphorous, iron, vitamin C and nicotinic acid.
Curry leaves have many health benefits, the first one being that of helping cure the digestive problems. A mixture of curry leaves and cumin seeds is added to butter milk and is taken in order to cure digestive disorders. Curry leaves gradually reduces the secretion of the alpha-amylase enzyme in your digestive system. This enzyme is responsible for breaking down of the starch in to simple sugar (glucose). By adding curry leaves to our diet, the body will slow down the process of starch breakdown hence maintaining the sugar level. These leaves are very beneficial for the skin burns and are also useful in curing insect bites. The juice of curry leaves when used as eye drops, helps in delaying cataract and also in giving a brighter look to your eyes and a better eye sight.
Curry leaves also promotes hair growth. Curry leaves when heated along with hair oil and applied on the hair and left overnight helps retaining the original color of the hair. This oil also nourishes the hair and also helps in hair growth. Curry leaves are very helpful in reducing the bad breath. Curry leaves have a content of 2.6 % of volatile essential oils, beta-carotene, folic acid, calcium, zinc, chlorophyll and riboflavin which are essential for maintaining a good oral health. When chewed along with water for around 5 minutes, they act as a very effective mouthwash.
Diabetic patients can add curry leaves to their diet or they can also chew it separately. Practicing this for three months will show great results in treating diabetes due to hereditary or obesity factors. Nausea can also be treated using curry leaves. A mixture of curry leaves juice, half teaspoon of line juice and one teaspoon of honey can be very helpful in treating nausea. The dosage of this mixture should depend on the severity of nausea. The antioxidants present in curry leaves fight against cancerous cells hence preventing the chances of cancer. Curry leaves are also quite beneficial in lowering the level of cholesterol in our bodies.
Intake of curry leaves on a regular basis can help you lose weight. It has properties that reduce the stored fats of your body. This should be followed by a healthy and good diet and exercise regime. Apart from weight loss curry leaves also have properties to treat the problem of piles. Curry leaves also have some medicinal properties which can cure kidney and biliary pains. Curry leaves are a great remedy for pregnant women suffering from vomiting and nausea.
People suffering from acne prone and dull skin can also use curry leaves for effective results. Making a paste of curry leaves with turmeric and applying it on your face will cure acne and give your skin a glow in a couple of days itself. Curry leaves are used worldwide as a natural herb for medicinal purpose and as a spice because of its strong aroma.

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