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What are the types of tumors involved in Pancreatic Cancer?

The Pancreas is the organ which is responsible for the production of insulin as well as digestive juices for the purpose of maintaining the blood sugar level of the body and breaking down the food particles in order to digest them. The pancreas is divided into parts called the head, the body, and the tail. The pancreas consists of two glands; one is the endocrine gland which deals with the production of insulin and other hormones whereas the second gland is the exocrine gland which deals with the secretion of the digestive juices. Pancreas cancer can affect any of the mentioned parts and glands of the pancreas.
Pancreas cancer ranks fourth in the cancers which lead to the death of a person. There are many tumors which grow inside the pancreas causing the pancreas cancer. Following are the details about some tumors which are related to the pancreas cancer.
Before knowing the types of tumors you must actually know that what exactly is a tumor. Tumor is the name given to the formation of a neoplasm which is an abnormal mass formed by the growth of the tissues. It can also be called the division of cells which is uncontrollable and lead to forming of a bulge of tissues. There are various tumors which are responsible for the pancreas cancer and they can be broadly categorized into two types:

Benign Tumors: These tumors are such that they do not grow. They stay at a specific place in some part of the pancreas and make you feel uncomfortable in that part itself. Benign tumor is a dead cells protuberance that is fixed at the same place without growing but not allowing further healthier cells to grow. They do not pose much threat to life and can be treated with early diagnosis as well. Pancreas tumors which fall under the category of Benign tumor are:
• Gastrinoma: This tumor arises in the endocrine gland of the pancreas. These tumors are responsible for the over secretion of the gastrin hormone causing ulcers like peptic or gastric ulcer.
• Insulinoma: Another endocrine gland related tumor which causing the imbalanced production of insulin leading the blood glucose level to lower down and resulting in the most popular type of endocrine cancer.

Malignant Tumors: These tumors are those which aim at conquering a new part of your body after they have settled in one place. This means malignant tumors grow in size and spread themselves to various parts of the body and this phenomenon is called metastasizing. More common name for the malignant tumor is Cancer. This tumor is difficult to be detected as well as treated and is the most common reason for the death of a person. Following are the malignant tumors related to the pancreas cancer:
• Insulinomas: These tumors are related for the production of the insulin which is responsible for the lowering of the glucose level in the blood. Approximately 10 % of these tumors are malignant and the rest are benign.
• Somatostatinomas: Almost all of these tumors are malignant and are responsible for the growth of fatty stools, gallstones and diabetes.
• Pancreatic Lymphoma: This cancer is somewhat like Leukemia. Although its existence in pancreas is rare but is dangerous. Chemotherapy is used to treat this cancer.
• Solid and Papillary Tumors: The body and the tail of the pancreas is the most prone to these tumors and are considered to grow to a very large size. More number of females suffers from this and if not treated properly in surgery they can cause great threat to the life of the affected person.

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