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What are some of the medicines that are related to treating Pancreatic Cancer ?

Although Pancreatic Cancer is a very dangerous disease, and it ranks fourth in the list of life taking cancers, it can still be treated with some medicines. Getting yourself diagnosed at an earlier stage and taking the required treatment for Pancreatic cancer is always better than waiting for the cancer to get to an advanced stage, where it becomes almost impossible to cure it. Pancreatic cancer is termed to be a silent killer because of the fact that it does not show any symptoms in its initial stages. The Pancreas is basically the organ located in between the abdomen and the small intestine. There are two glands in the pancreas which possess their own independent functionalities. The exocrine gland secretes digestive juices hence stimulating the digestion process and the endocrine glands produces important hormones like insulin which keeps the sugar level in the blood balanced.
Pancreatic cancer can be treated when diagnosis is done early, in a curable stage. Pancreatic cancer is treated with the help of the following therapies on the basis of the results obtained from surgery:
• First therapy is Chemotherapy.
• The second type of therapy is radiotherapy.
Apart from these therapies, there are many medicines that are present for Pancreatic cancer. They can be listed as follows:
• Fluorouracil (5-FU): This drug is infused into the cancer patient with the help of a medication pump. When used in combination with radiation, it makes the cancer cells more sensitive.
• Avastin: This drug is very helpful in slowing down the growth of cancerous cells. This drug should be stopped for at least four weeks after and before the surgery of the patient. It is used in combination with other medicines used for treatment of cancer. The drug has side effects such as problems in the healing of wounds, this also leads to infections or bleeding of wounds.
• Pancreatin: It helps in the digestion process of the body and should be taken along with a full glass of water during meals. This medicine causes irritation when held in the mouth for a long time. It should be taken with a diet referred by a doctor or a health nutritionist. There are minor side effects like swollen joints, stomach pain, etc which can happen due to its use.
• Gemcitabine (Gemzar): This medication is given for seven weeks for one day in every week and then for one week the treatment is halted. Then the dosage of the medicine is decreased in number gradually. It directly affects cancer cells with side effects of this medication including nausea, fatigue, infections risks, etc.
• Afinitor: This drug is also responsible for interfering with the cell growth and slowing down the growth of the cancerous cells. It should not be taken in case the patient is allergic to drugs like tacrolimus, everolimus, etc. It could be harmful for patients of diabetes, liver disease, hepatitis B and pregnant ladies as well.
• Adrucil: This drug interferes with reproduction system’s protein production. The patient must inform to their doctors about any kind of side effects being suffered by the patient while using this drug. Problems related to kidney, allergies, breast feeding and pregnancy must be reported to the concerned doctor immediately or else future problems may take place. Some side effects of this drug include fever, chill, vomiting and nausea.
There are several other medications which can be used for treating pancreatic cancer. One should remember that these medications are only the added supplements that are combined with your treatment and they cannot be used to treat the cancer when taken individually.

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