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What are some of the foods that helps in fighting against Pancreatic Cancer?

Diet and nutrition is responsible for a healthy body. When it comes to pancreatic cancer, there are certain food items that can help in preventing pancreatic cancer in the long run. Not only this, it is the choice of your food that can either kill the cancer germs or can promote the growth of it too. So, it becomes very necessary for the people who are exposed to risk factors of pancreatic cancer to decide about what to eat. In order to be safe for a very long period, it is necessary for such people to have a cancer diet for their own optimal wellness.
Following are the functional food items that a person can include in his/her healthy diet:
• Green Tea
Tea is most common drink in Asia but when it is replaced with Green Tea, its effects and nutrition not only helps in reducing the pancreatic cancer cells but also helps in weight loss. And both the positive effects have been scientifically proven and the facts that came out were “Men who drank the most green tea had a 37% lower risk of developing pancreatic cancer”. The Reason behind this protective behaviour is that Green Tea contains high concentration of catechins which are photochemical compounds that are highly effective in the protection of cells against the DNA damage caused by free radicals. It also helps in suppressing a type of enzyme called urokinase that plays a major role in the growth rate of cancer cells. It is suggested that while buying green tea, it should be bought in loose leaves form rather than in tea bags as loose leaves retains more catechins than a tea bag. To enhance the effect of catechins to get fully absorbed in the body, it can be added along with green tea.

• Salmon
It is loaded with omega-3 fats which is also a protective shield against the pancreatic cancer. Another nutrient is astaxanthin which is a caretenoid that makes salmon pink in color which is also an anti-oxidant. Excessive usage of Salmon in your diet saves you from toxins like mercury and pesticides.

• Raspberries
Apart from the fact that it is very low in calories, it is clinically prove that daily usage of fresh red raspberries in your diet surely prevents pancreatic cancer as it has high amount of ellagic acid which has benefits like anti-carcinogen, an inhibitor of cancer and anti-mutagen.

• Jalapeno Peppers
Jalapeno is a great source of vitamin B6, so it is recommended as an anti-pancreatic cancer vitamin. It provides nutrients like folate, beta-carotene and vitamin C, which are responsible in killing energy factories of pancreatic cancer without affecting healthy cells.

• Turmeric
Turmeric has a compound that can recognize potential cancer germs by their unusual chemistry and as a result encourage self-destruction of these dreadful germs without hurting healthy cells. It has positive anti-oxidant compounds and prevents formation of aflatoxin and nitrosamine which increases cancer risks.

• Carrots
Carrots are known for Vitamin A and their positive effects on eyes, but they are also a rich source of beta-carotene and falcarinol that are able to reduce the growth of cancer in the body. It is advisable to consume them as steamed or chopped in order to retain the falcarinol.

• Cabbage
Cabbage is also an enriched source of vitamin C, along with that it also has folate and Vitamin B6 due to which it forms glucosinolates when chopped or sliced and chewed. Glucosinolates are anti-carcinogens compounds that inhibit DNA damage and cell mutation. It is suggested to consume organically grown cabbage.

• Cherries
Cherries produce a compound that is enriched with Perillyl Alcohol (POH), which prevents the growth of pancreatic cancer cells. It is advisable to consume organically produced cherries which retains the nutrients.

• Sweet Potatoes
Because of nutrients like beta-carotene and vitamin C, Sweet potatoes can protect the body against pancreatic cancer germs as it possesses highly anti-oxidant properties.

• Broccoli
Broccoli’s nutrients help in preventing DNA mutation, growth of starting tumor into giant tic tumor and also cancer cells development. Broccoli sprouts eliminates carcinogenic toxins from an organ to another. It should be consumed as raw or slightly steamed to take advantage of its anti-cancer properties.

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