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What are some of the alternate treatments for Pancreatic Cancer ?

Pancreatic cancer is a considered to be one of the most dangerous cancers, rated as the fourth number amongst the death causing cancers. Pancreatic cancer can affect either of the glands present in the pancreas, the endocrine glands or the exocrine glands. Studies have shown that pancreatic cancer results in the death of a person if it is not treated properly on time. Although the early diagnosis of the pancreatic cancer is quite difficult, one should be really very careful and should get checked up regularly even if there are no symptoms which indicate the existence of pancreatic cancer. No one will like to hear that they are suffering from a problem which may lead to their death. Therefore this article will help you to know about various treatments available for pancreas cancer apart from the general treatments which cancer patients undergo.
The general treatments through which patients are treated have many side effects and complications, therefore many patients do not prefer to undergo those treatments and opt for alternative treatments for the pancreas cancer. These treatments may be homeopathic, ayurvedic, new age healing, faith healing, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, naturopathy, diet fads, herbal medicines and many more which are less complicated and also have less or rather no side effects at all.
One of the most common treatments which the patients of pancreatic cancer undergo is homeopathic as it has no side effects and effective results. Homeopathic treatment is mainly opted by many of the patients because it leads to the complete treatment and elimination of the disease and there are very less chances for the cancer to grow back. It not only treats pancreatic cancer completely but also removes the cause of the disease in every individual suffering from it. The main remedial options available in homeopathic options for the pancreatic cancer patients include the Conium, Natrum Mur, Aurum Ars, Hydrastis, Phytolacca, Kreosote, Sulphur, Condurango, Nitric Acid, Euphorbium, Arsenic Acid.
Many herbal treatments are also available for treatment of pancreatic cancer. One of the main herbs used for the treatment of pancreatic cancer is the Triphala herb. Patients are prescribed the medicines having Triphala as an ingredient to treat the cancer. Mistletoe is also a herb used for pancreatic cancer treatment. It is not consumed directly as it is considered to be poisonous like that. Mistletoe is injected into the patient’s body in order to avoid its poisonous side effects.
Many people suffering from pancreatic cancer or in fact any other cancer suffers depression. Therefore to cope with this depression, patients are also provided with music therapy as one of the alternative treatments for pancreatic cancer. Another one of the alternative therapies of pancreatic cancer include pancreatic enzyme therapy. It has been tested many a times and has proved to be effective on the cancer patients.
Relaxation exercises and normal exercises are great ways to help in the treatment of the pancreatic cancer. Mediation helps the patient to balance the body’s systems including the functionalities of the pancreas hence reducing the chances of pancreas cancer.
Many natural therapies which are effective in treating the pancreatic cancer are yoga, acupuncture, Aloe Vera, carctol, Green Tea, Echinacea, Gerson Therapy, reflexology, black co hash, aroma therapy, remedies with the help of various flowers having cancer treating properties, Essiac, chiropractic, reiki, shiatsu, Chinese medicinal remedies, visualization, chaparral. Allopathic treatments for the pancreas cancer include chemotherapy, immunotherapy, surgery, and radiation therapy.
A patient can get the diagnosis done from an expert doctor specialized in treating cancer and can take the doctor’s help to choose the treatment he should undergo. The doctor will suggest the best option based on the severity and taking into consideration other factors related to the pancreatic cancer.

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