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Natural remedies for treating a headache

What is a headache?

A headache is a pain felt by a person in the head or upper neck. A headache is also known as cephalalgia. In 2007, the international headache society classified headache as primary headache, secondary headache, cranial neuralgias or facial headache. The most common is tension headache which comes under primary headache. Tension headache is due to stress, anxiety, depression, bad posture etc. Headache can be cured through various medicines available in the market but it can also be cured through some natural remedies. These natural remedies are highle effective, inexpensive and have no side effect on human body.

Check your diet: Every body reacts differently to different foods or the ingredients in the food item. Check your diet and see whether any food item reacts negatively with your body.

Exercise regularly: Its not easy to do during the times of headache but it a good remedy because it increases blood circulation and allows more oxygen to reach the brain. It should be done even when you are not suffering from headache.

Prevent dehydration: Dehydration is also a cause of headache so prevent yourself from it and drink lots of water. Many a times, the headache we feel goes away when we drink enough water.

Take supplements: Take supplement which have both magnesium and calcium in it and if you are not taking supplement then drink orange juice.

Massage: A deep massage relievs you from stress and tension which are the main causes of headache so massage done on face an head is a fast remedial treatment for headache.

Using home products:

  • Apple: Remove upper rind and the inner hard portion of ripe apple. Take this with salt on empty stomach for about a week.
  • Lemon: Squeeze lemon and mix this juice in a cup of tea and this should be taken by the patient.
  • Heena: Heena gives a cooling effect when a person is suffering from headache due to the heat of the sun.
  • Cinnamon:  It provides a relief when a head ache is caused by exposure to cold air. Make a paste of this spice and mix with apply and then apply on the temples and forehead.
  • Ice: Apply ice pack to the affected area and try placing it on your temples, forehead and back of your neck.

Hot foot bath: Fill the bucket or tub with hot water at the temperature of around 40 to 45 degree C . The patient should dip his foot  in this hot water for around 15 to 20 mins for about 3 to 4 weeks.

Yogasanas: Various yogic kriyas like jalneti and kunjal, pranayamas, asanas and shavasanas are helpful in treating headache.

Small nap: A small nap is very helpful in tension headache. If a person is suffering from tension headache he must go to sleep for few hours.

Pressure points: Apply pressure for 2 minutes to the area where the bones of  index figure and thumb meets. The area is bit fleshy. This is a very good remedy for treating head ache but is underrated.

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