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What are the health benefits of Lemon, a common item in the kitchen?

Lemons are scientifically called Citrus Limon. They are mostly yellow in colour and oval in shape with a textured outer peel. The Lemons are mostly of two types, one is the sour Eureka and another is the Lisbon. Eureka Lemons have textured skin, few seeds with a shorter neck whereas Lisbon Lemons have no neck, are seedless and have a smoother skin. There is another type of Lemon too which tastes sweet to taste buds. Meyer Lemon is the most popular sweetest lemon in both markets and restaurants. Apart from flavouring as a base in lemonade or beverages, it is also used in confectionaries like pies, pastry dough, cakes and marinades too.

History: Lemons originated across parts of China and India about 2,500 years ago. It was firstly introduced to Europe and North Africa by Arabs and then sent to Spain in the 11th century. Then, it was Christopher Columbus who brought up Lemons along with many other fruits in 1493 and then Lemons have been grown in Florida since 16th century. Like any other Vitamin-C enriched fruits, Lemons were highly prized by their developer as well as miners in mid 19th century. Since then, the major producers of lemon are Spain, Italy, United States, Greece, Turkey and Israel.

Health Benefits of Lemon Juice (Extract):
a) Dental Care: A freshly prepared lemon juice applied to teeth can get rid of toothache. Gum Bleeding can be stopped by applying the massage of lemon juice. Not only this, Lemon Juice also brings relief to bad breathe and other gum problems. Also, it acts as a cleansing agent for regular teeth cleaning.
b) Indigestion and Constipation, Cholera and Malaria: Few drops of lemon juice in the dish can bring aid to digestion problems. In fact, Lemon is a blood purifier and a cleansing agent too. A post lunch or dinner with a lemon soda with honey or mint (if you want mint flavour) can bring reprieve to constipation problem. Being a blood purifier, it also treats cholera and malaria as well.
c) Hair Care: Lemon juice is very famous in dandruff treatment as a massage of lemon juice on scalp can treat on hair fall too. As a matter of fact, lemon also brings natural shine of the hair and also improves the texture of hair.
d) Fever: Cold, flu or Fever can also be treated by lemon juice as it helps to break fever by increasing perspiration.
e) Skin Care: Lemon Juice acts as a natural antiseptic medicine and therefore, it cures skin problems too. Whether it is a sun burn or acne or eczema, lemon helps to get relief from pain as well as stings too.
f) Weight Loss: Every girl must know this as lemon juice within lukewarm water and honey can reduce body fat and can bring glow to skin as well.
g) High Blood Pressure: Lemon contains potassium due to which it controls the high blood pressure, brings relief in dizziness, nausea and provides relaxation to the whole body. It reduces mental stress, depression and act as a nature’s boon in other heart problems as well.
h) Relaxation to Foot and Throat Infections: Lemon juice is antiseptic and aromatic agent, therefore, brings relaxation to foot aches when used with warm water. Many Home made pedicure ingredients include lemon to bring foot relaxation. Lemon is also excellent in throat infections because of its antibacterial property.
i) Respiratory Disorders: Lemon juice also assists in healing breathing problems, respiratory problems and restores the health of asthma patients.
j) Rheumatism: Lemon water treats rheumatism and arthritis as well because it is diuretic in nature. It flushes out bacteria and toxins out of the body. Combining lemon with the olive oil can get you rid off gall stones.

Lemon Oil: Lemon oil has multiple benefits as it restores the health of a person from circulatory diseases like anaemia, varicosity and frost-bite to digestive infections like gastroenteritis and diabetes, headaches, liver diseases and so on.

Precautions: Lemon Juice has a very low PH of 2.0; this is why it tastes sour and causes burning sensation if it comes in contact with mouth ulcers. In addition to this, it can cause further problems to acid-peptic and bad stomach ulcer conditions.

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