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What are different health benefits of Verbena Officinalis ?

Verbena officinalis is the perennial herb belonging to the family of Verbenaceae. The plant is native to the Europe and also known as Herb of Grace. The size of the herb varies with the climate conditions but it normally grows up to a height of meters, with an upright habitus. The leaves of the plant are toothed with delicate spikes that hold mauve flowers. Verbena grows mostly in limey soils and is used as an ornamental plant. It is mainly propagated through the root cutting or seed. Basically, it is neutralized outside its native range. It is also called as Herb of Grace, Herb of the Cross, Herbe Sacree, Herba veneris, Holy Herb.
Verbena hold the importance because of the strong history related to the god Jesus as it was used to treat his wounds after he was removed from the cross. It also brings good luck, good faith, attract wealth and more.

Origin or Habitat:-
Thought to be the native of Mediterranean, this is found almost everywhere in the world and cultivated in most of the gardens. This is found growing in the abundance in the wild all over the Europe, North America, Japan and china. Plant is grown through seedling in the summer or autumn season and flourishes in soil and doesn’t allow water to stand in it as it requires lot of sunlight.

– alkaloid
– bitters
– glycosides
– tannins
– volatile oil

Usage of Vervain:-
It is used in the treatment of various diseases like –
Female Conditions
– irregular or painful menstruation
– post-natal depression
– promotes the start of menstruation
– helps to increase the flow of breast milk
Gastrointestinal Conditions
– benefits the digestive system
– acute diarrhea
– eases pain in the bowels
– stimulates digestion
– stomach disorders
Brain and Nervous Conditions
– insomnia
– depression
– fits and convulsions
– migraine and headache caused by nerves
– physical and mental problems that affect the nervous system
– nervous disorders
– restorative remedy for nervous exhaustion and debility
– mistletoe and valerian are sometimes combined with Vervain for nervous conditions
– strengthens the nervous system
Genitourinary Conditions
– kidney trouble
– bladder stones
Liver Conditions
– treats liver diseases
– stimulates liver function
– gallstones
– jaundice
– biliary tract complaints
Inflammatory Conditions
– reduces inflammation
Respiratory Conditions
– coughs (combined with Horehound)
– pleurisy
– in early stages of colds (can be combined with Yarrow) to promote sweating
– whooping cough
– throat conditions
Parasitic Conditions
– worms in children
– autumn fever
– relieves pain
– intermittent fevers
– ophthalmiarelaxant in cases of muscle tension
– exhaustion and fatigue
– used to cure congestion, dysentery, malaria, coughs and colds, nerves, gout.
– externally used for treating ear neuralgia, headaches, eczema, hemorrhoids, rheumatism, rheumatic pain, skin ailments, tooth decay and gum disease, ulcers of the mouth and gums, weak, sore or inflamed eyes.

Common Vervain is also used as herbal tea. It may act as a galactagogue and possibly a sex steroid analogue and abortifacient; it is reputed to help against nervousness and insomnia. In the Modern age, it is considered a powerful “ally” of poets and writers, as it has some relaxing effects. Vervain flowers are engraved on cabaret, Italian anti-stregheria charms. Vervain is worn as a crown during Druidic initiatory rites and as protection for those who are working magic. Vervain is worn to recover stolen articles. It is also a powerful attractant to the opposite sex.

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