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Vaginal Discharge during Pregnancy – Causes, Prevention and Treatment

Vaginal discharge can begin from mid to late first quarter and continue until the final delivery. The vaginal discharge during pregnancy is dangerous and has a mild odor. This is called leukorrhea. The flow can be heavy when on the workforce.

The fluids produced by the cervix clean the vaginal canal and protect it from infection. However, in some cases, you may suffer from a yeast infection and the genitals may be infected. Contact the doctor if vaginal discharge includes a foul odor, a colour that is unusual, itching, or warts. Also tell the doctor if you have symptoms such as fever or flu, along with the discharge.

Leukorrhea has a slight odour, milky fluid. In most cases, it is caused by increased blood flow in the area around your vagina. Probably, it is not so different from the discharge one has before pregnancy.

The flow can increase as you approach labour, and can be very heavy. In fact, an increase in the flow and thickening toward the end of pregnancy may be a sign that you are approaching labour. Also you’ll notice a lot of mucus released shortly before delivery.

As your waistline expands, there is a hormonal change and the flow of new blood in the vaginal area causes the increased flow known as leukorrhea. If it does not smell, then it is normal. It’s how your body get rid of bacteria that could harm your baby.
Some of the other causes for vaginal discharge during the time of pregnancy are as follows:
– Greater blood flow in the genitals
– Higher production of estrogen in the body

Vaginal discharge is common during the entire life cycle of pregnancy. However, with proper care and treatment, we can avoid it to become a vaginal infection.

Some tips to fight infection because of vaginal discharge are as follows:
– Eat a healthy diet and keep off junk food.
– Keep the vaginal area clean and dry. To clean the area, use warm water and a cloth. Application of the soap will make the skin fragile.
– Avoid wearing tight clothing around your anus. This pushes the fluids in the vagina.
– Do not use tampons because they can help unwanted germs to enter the vagina.
– It is preferable to use cotton underwear and sanitary napkins.
– Wear panty liners to reduce moisture.
– Try to go to bed without underwear. This helps the skin around the vagina to dry.
– After passing urine or stool, always remember to dry the area from front to back after washing.
– Stay away from douches. This alters the tolerable balance of micro organisms in the body and cause serious vaginal infection. A shower is a syringe with detachable nozzles used to wash inside the vagina. In some cases, the force with which shower works is harmful during pregnancy.
– Avoid contact stress.
– Take baths often and pay attention to personal hygiene.
– If you get a yeast infection, contact your doctor immediately and begin the treatment immediately. Remember that yeast infections can be transmitted to the baby during childbirth.

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