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What are the health Benefits of Leaves of Beluntas?

Beluntas is commonly known as Luntas in java, Luan Yi in China, Lamutasa in Makassar, Baluntas in Madura, Lenaboui in the East, Baruntas in Sunda, and Beluntas in Indonesia and Sumatra. It is a shrub that comes from the family of Asteraceae/ Compositae which has many branches which are fluffy, and that grows to a height of approximately 2 meters. It is also called the Indian camphor weed in English and it has a very peculiar scent due to which it is many times used as a deodorant. The shrub needs lot of sunshine and a dry area to grow properly. These shrubs are mostly found in barren lands and in case they are planted in the house they are planted around the fencing. The leaves of Beluntas have many health benefits which will be discussed further.
The leaves of Beluntas contains components like volatile oils, flavonoids, alkaloids, chlorogenik acid, tannins, aluminum, sodium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, atsiri oil and many more. Following are some health benefits of the leaves of Beluntas:
• Leaves of the Beluntas plant are used to remove body odor. This can be done by boiling the leaves in water and then drinking that water with salt added. This drink can be taken around three top four times a week for quicker and effective results.
• For people suffering from a poor appetite, the Beluntas leaves can prove to be very beneficial. For this purpose these leaves can be mixed with rice or porridge. It also helps lower the body temperature of a patient suffering from fever. The leaves can be soaked in warm water and after draining the water it can be drunk.
• It is very essential for improving digestion in healing disturbance caused in the intestine. For this purpose the leaves can be mixed with the rice and can be eaten. This mixture improves digestion quite quickly.
• Leaves of Beluntas are also used as an effective mouth freshener. They can be taken raw for this purpose. Beluntas leaves are also helpful in treating wounds scabies or irritations on the skin and ulcers or inflammations. In order to treat ulcers, inflammations and irritations on the skin, the paste of these leaves can be applied on the affected areas.
• It is helpful in relieving lower back pain and also cervical tuberculous lymphadenitis. The leaves are softened by steaming them up along with sea grass and the cow skin gelatine and then eaten in order to treat the cervical tuberculous lymphadenitis.
• When the leaves are brewed as tea and taken, it is said to reduce perspiration problem very effectively and it is also said to lower the internal heat of the body.
• Arthritis pain and asteodinia (pain in a bone) can be treated using the Beluntas leaves. Females suffering from irregular periods and extra discharge of vaginal fluid can also intake Beluntas leaves in order to cure this problem.
• People suffering from waist pain can use Beluntas leaves to reduce it effectively and quickly.
The Beluntas leaves are used widely for various medication purposes and are said to treat many problems quite easily and effectively within no time. Another name given to this shrub is Pluchea Indica. The plant to which the Beluntas leaves belong contain a small flower of purple color. These leaves are said to be widely used as Jamoo which means traditional medication in Javanese. Not only the leaves of the Pluchea Indica but also the other parts like the stem, root, flower and even the whole crop contains various medicinal and herbal properties for which it is used in treating various problems related to health.

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