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Sleeplessness or feeling tired during pregnancy – causes and how to prevent it?

Almost all pregnant women have trouble sleeping in one position or another at some point. These problems may include:
– Difficulty in sleeping
– Sleep is not restful
– Waking up frequently during the night
– Difficulty returning to sleep

Early pregnancy
A number of problems can contribute to poor sleep during pregnancy. The same pregnancy hormone that causes fatigue during the day can also disrupt your sleep cycle at night. You may have trouble finding a comfortable sleeping position.
You may find yourself waking up several times during the night to urinate.

Later pregnancy
As the pregnancy continues, a wide variety of problems can disrupt your sleep. Increasing size of your abdomen may cause trouble in finding a comfortable position. Anxiety and stress may contribute to insomnia.Other problems that contribute to discomfort and insomnia are:
* Backache
* Congestion
* Gas
* Frequent urination
* Heartburn
* Hemorrhoids
* Leg cramps, Nausea

There are some steps that can be taken to treat the problem of sleeplessness:

Take a hot shower before bedtime.
Remember that your sense of balance is off during pregnancy. Be careful not to slip into the tub wet!

Reduce stress.
One should avoid stressful situations. Relaxation exercises, deep breathing or simply closing your eyes and imagining a peaceful scene can help.

Sleep when possible during the day. This helps in avoiding excessive fatigue, especially if you have trouble getting restful sleep at night.

Avoid sleeping on your back
This position puts the weight of the uterus in the back and the main vein that carries blood from the lower body and heart. Sleeping on your back can increase your chances of having back pain. It can also aggravate digestive problems, heartburn and haemorrhoids. Try to sleep on your side, especially on the left side. This position improves circulation and reduces swelling in the feet.

Use pillows
Put a pillow between your legs. Use extra pillows to support your back and abdomen.If you suffer from shortness of breath or heartburn, use pillows to raise your upper body.

Make your room comfortable
Do not watch TV or read in bed. Use your bed only for sleeping. Make sure the room has comfortable temperature. Play some relaxing music that helps you to sleep.

Go to bed early
Go to bed earlier than usual, especially if you find yourself waking up several times during the night. Go to bed when you feel tired. Do not force yourself to stay awake.

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