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The Central Nervous System – what is it and why is it important for health ? – Part 2

Ignoring is human nature. We tend to ignore when we suffer from aches and pain, any kind of spots or strains. These are in fact the indications that all is not well with your body. A body system is composed of cells, tissues and organs. There are different systems running in our body. The Central Nervous System is the Master Coordinator of all other systems. It is very important for body’s health. There are various problems that are associated with central nervous system.

Transient Ischaemic Attack(TIA)
TIA is a kind of stroke and it happens when when the blood supply to the brain is temporarily interrupted. There is a possibility that you may suffer from TIA if you face symptoms like numbness in arms or legs, disturbance in speech, some vision loss lasting for few minutes or less than 24 hrs. Seek medical help immediately.

If some kind of numbness is felt on one side of body, confusion, headache, vomiting, nausea then it could be a stroke and you need to rush to a hospital within an hour to treat and minimize damage.

Encephalitis, Meningitis or Brain Tumor
If you are experiencing headache accompanied by a stiff neck or sensitivity to light or sound and nausea for over a day then it could be a brain tumor and you need to consult a neurologist as soon as possible.

Brain Tumor
If you are experiencing severe and sudden headaches or numbness and tingling in limbs or loss of peripheral vision then it could be a brain tumor and you need to consult a neurologist as soon as possible.

If you are experiencing nausea, vomiting, seeing flashing lights, difficulty in tolerating light, exhaustion, headache on one side that can last from 4 to 72 hours then it could be a migraine which need medication. Keep a watch for couple of days and seek medical help.

Tension Headache
If you are experiencing headache like a tight band is tied around the head and it throbs in time to your pulse. It could also result in vomiting then it could be a tension headache and it needs pain killers and stress busters. Self medication can help.

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