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Proper Breathing – It offers the release that is needed for oneself…

Proper breathing does not mean that you need to do chanting or be in search of your chi to try meditation. It is a simple way to make you feel more centered; a way to get your mind and body readjusted to a normal healthy lifestyle. The five steps that would help you to breathe properly:

Proper breathing is the most important function that is performed by us. It increases the energy level. Oxygen is an important chemical and is a powerful stimulant. Deep breathing recharges the hemoglobin. Breathe energy as well as air. It will increase the electromagnetic flow into your body, which will bring up suppressed feelings.

Take out 5 min out of your busy schedule
One needs to take out uninterrupted five minutes out of their schedule. It is usually how long people need to start getting their central nervous system back to normal.

Sitting Posture
It is not necessary to sit cross legs to start meditation. Sitting on a sturdy chair where your back is in upright position without leaning. Back should be in comfortable position.

Sense your senses
Do not think and start focusing on your senses. Inhale and exhale in a slow and controlled manner. Listen to the sounds pulsating around you like birds outside your window or traffic in the distance.

Just eliminate distractions
Space with positive image is very important. All kind of distractions should be eliminated. It is suggested how appropriate colors, smells and images can help you to calm you down and focus on breathing as compared to a cluttered work area. It can bring bad vibes.

Explore your surroundings
Sometimes, people find it difficult to meditate alone, explore your surroundings and find a group or check out different books, CDs, DVDs and web sites.

Let your mind be free
Initially you may find it difficult to concentrate in one direction and free your mind from thoughts of work or family. Human mind has a tendency to wander towards the issues that tend to stress you the most. You have to push them aside. Try to find the problems that bothers you and then you will see that it becomes easy to conquer them.

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