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Arthritis – Make some smart lifestyle choices to make a difference against it.

Arthritis is affecting our daily lives to a large extent. Scientists are discovering methods that can make a difference against arthritis by making some smart lifestyle choices. Something that really works are:

To alleviate pain, eat good diet
– Dietary changes are suspected to be the possible counters to arthritis.
– Fibre from foods protect your heart. It reduces inflammation and less swelling can definitely benefit the joints as well as heart. A good source of dietary fibre lowers the C-reactive protein. Low C-reactive protein have arthritis benefits.
– Healthy omega 3 fatty acids play a good role in reducing inflammation that is related to arthritis. Consume omega-3s in more proportion than omega-6 fatty acids that are found in vegetable oils like sesame, soy and corn.
– Intake of olive oil is better than any other oil as it is high in mono-unsaturated fatty acids and lower in omega-6s. One disadvantage is that one has to consume three and a half tablespoons of olive oil which contains 44 calories to get the anti-inflammatory benefit of a 200 mg ibuprofen pill.
– Advanced glycation end products(AGEs) such as high heat cooking contributes to arthritis. Cut down AGEs in diet by lowering the cooking temperatures.

Shed the pounds and be on a move
– It is scientifically proved that obesity increases the arthritis pain. To ease this pain, simply loose weight.
– Knee osteoarthritis which results in disability, knee replacement with sometimes poor outcomes increases the impact of arthritis.
– Obese people has a risk of around 60% – double the risk for those who are normal. Stay physically active, do regular exercise as it strengthens the muscles around the joints.
– Do some flexibility, strengthening and aerobic exercises to stay active and in shape.
– Less stress on your joints by doing exercises like swimming, yoga, cycling is better.
– Tai chi combines meditation with slow, gentle movements with deep breathing exercises relaxes the body and move vital energy throughout the body.

Supplements lose their shine
– It is still not clear whether the supplements glucosamine and chondroitin actually help arthritis sufferers.
– According to Peter Juni, MD of University of Bern pooled the results and found out that neither supplement nor a combination is associated wit an improvement in joint pain.
– trials by supplement makers showed some good benefits in pain relief.

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