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The Reproductive System – what is it and why is it important for health ? – Part 4

The Reproductive System

This system is responsible the human race to continue their race. There are some problems associated with this system:

Testicular Torsion
If the person is experiencing a severe rapid pain and occurs in one testicle and then spreads to the lower abdomen, then it could be testicular torsion where the testicle twists itself and blood supply is cut and medical treatment should be seek immediately.

Epidiymitis or inflammation of the passage leading from testicles
If a person is experiencing pain in one or both testicles that lasts for more than few hours, red inflamed scrotum and flu like symptoms, then it could be epidiymitis and it can be treated by medicines and one should keep a watch for couple of days and if it still persists, seek medical advice.

Testicle cancer
If a person is experiencing tenderness in testicle or if it feels harder than usual or uneven, then it can be testicle cancer which can be diagnosed by an ultrasound.

Thrush, a fungal infection
If a person is experiencing a vaginal discharge which is thick white curdy in appearance accompanied with itching and irritation, then it can be thrush which is a fungal infection and it can be treated by some anti fungal creams or tablets.

If a person is experiencing weight loss of over 10%, fever for over a month, repeated infections and diarrhea for over three months then it can be AIDS and you should get tested for HIV.

If a person is experiencing a thick smelly discharge from penis and a burning sensation when urinating, then it can be gonorrhea and treatment can be done with antibiotics.

Genital Herpes Simplex (GHS)
If a person is experiencing a tickling or itching in the genital region or small blisters which burst and form scales, then it can be genital herpes simplex and it can be treated with creams but can reappear and can lead to cervix cancer.

Polycystic Ovarian Disorder
If a person is experiencing weight gain, irregular periods, acne, excessive body hair and trouble in concerning, then it can be polycystic ovarian disorder and it can be treated with hormones.

If a person is experiencing a small, hard and painless swelling at top of penis or near vagina opening or anal region, mouth, then it can be syphillis and it can be treated with antibiotics.

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