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The Endocrine and Integumentary System – what is it and why is it important for health ? – Part 5

The Endocrine System

This system consists of glands that produce hormones which help in regulating and controlling the bodily activities. Some problems related with this system are:

Pituitary Gland Tumor
If a person is experiencing problems in periods, headaches or loss of peripheral vision then it can be a pituitary gland tumor and get the tests done and seek medical advice.

Under active thyroid gland
If a person is experiencing weakness in muscles, weight gain, exhaustion, bulging eyes, memory problems, slow speech, dry skin and hair then it can be an under active thyroid gland and it slows down metabolism. Get it diagnosed with blood test and get it treated with thyroid hormonal replacement.

Overactive thyroid gland
If a person is experiencing sweating, nervousness, tremors, irregular menstrual periods, irritation then it can be an overactive thyroid gland. Get it diagnosed with a blood test and get treated with drugs.

Low blood sugar
If a person is experiencing fainting then there is a possibility that the person is diabetic and there is a drop in blood sugar level. If attacks increase, then consult a doctor and check your medications.

Type 2 diabetes
If a person is experiencing thirst and passes large quantity of urine, itching and repeated infection in genital area then it can be type 2 diabetes. In this the body tries to get rid of excess sugar and it can be controlled with diet and lifestyle and medicines.

Uncontrolled Type 1 Diabetes
If a person is experiencing lot of thirst, frequent urination and eating accompanied with weight loss then it can be uncontrolled type 1 diabetes which can be controlled by insulin.

The Integumentary System

It is the skin which forms a protective covering for the body and this system regulates the body temperature and it plays an important part in the sensation of touch. It also excretes waste products in sweat.

If a person is experiencing small patches of ring shaped patches then it can be ringworm which you can treat with anti fungal cream.

Herpes zoster
If a person experiences severe pain on one side of chest, trunk, back, face along with red blisters then it can be herpes zoster which is treated with medicines or lotions.

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