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You are a diabetic – What is some of the most essential information you should know ?

All over the world, there is an increased focus among health professionals and medical specialists on getting people to take time out from their busy (and mostly sedentary) lives and focus on getting more on shape. All statistics point towards more and more people getting afflicted by obesity and more diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. In fact, a large number of people are afflicted with diabetes, where their blood sugar levels have a tendency to be higher than normal, and this increased sugar level can cause a number of other health related issues over a number of years. It is quite necessary to ensure that somebody who has diabetes is aware of some basic precautions (and have an enhanced level of information) about some critical areas. Some of these are:
– Know the glycemic index of foods you eat. Certain types of foods have a much higher glycemic content and can cause increase in blood sugar levels to the extent that they are deemed harmful and should be avoided. Know the Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load of Foods
– Know about the timelines for food consumption and intake of medicines. For a diabetic, both hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia can be dangerous; so you need to ensure that the gaps between meals is not very large, as well as the prescribed medicine for diabetes is taken as per schedule
– Have a Glucometer: Having Glucometer at home allows you to quickly measure your blood sugar levels when you need to (this helps you to determine the pattern of your blood sugar levels over the day, as well as determine the impact of food and exercise on your blood sugar levels)
– Be wary of problems in your foot. Feet problems are particularly tough on diabetes because of reduced pain experience in the feet as well as more time taken for healing. Be careful of the footwear you buy, as well as ensuring that your feet are kept dry.
– Carry some form of identification of being a diabetic along with some text. This is particularly important if you are prone to get into hypoglycemia situations, so that if somebody finds you in a bad condition, they know to give you some immediate sugar.
– If ever you suffer some cuts or bruises, be sure to get them treated quickly else these cuts can actually cause huge problems to those suffering from diabetes
– If you need to take insulin for maintaining your blood sugar levels, then be sure to always have your Diabetes injection pen along with supplies ready.

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