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Some quick and easy exercise routines….

A toned belly keeps the back healthy. Try pilates or yoga moves that work you ab and back muscles. Kickboxing, running or swimming are all great ab workouts. Always remember not to hold your breath while doing crunches as it can prove to be harmful and increase the blood pressure and heart rate especially during the moves that work on the side muscles.

To improve the coordination, balance and stability, do the following exercises without shoes:
– Spread toes apart like a fan.
– Flex your toes up towards you and then pointing them away.
– Move your foot in circles both clock-wise and anti clock-wise.
– Do toe curls as much as possible and then releasing them.
– With our foot flat on floor, lift the big toe without lifting the other toes and then try to lift little toes but not the big toe. Follow up by keeping your toes and heel on the floor and lifting up the arch of the foot.
– Use the toes on one foot to squeeze a towel on the floor.
– Keep heel in place and drag the towel from side to side.
– Use feet to pick up items and after having a grasp on the item, toss it away from you using your toes and leg.
– Stand with the outside edge of your foot against a wall and push your foot out into the wall. Switch the position so that the inside edge of the foot rests against the wall and push in against the wall.
– Roll a small rubber ball under the sole of your foot to massage it.

Staircases provide a good away to burn off calories in 15 minutes.
– For first 4 minutes, warm up by repeatedly walking up and down one flight of stairs maintaining a steady pace.
– For next two minutes, stand facing stairs. Step right foot to the right side of first stair. Do the same with left foot with left stair. Continue.
– For a minute, squat the jumps. Face the stairs, hop up with both feet and land in a squat. Hold for 2 counts and then jump up to next step.
– For next two minutes, stand with left side facing stairs, left foot on first step. Step right foot in front of left onto second step. Repeat. This is called left side cross steps.
– For next two minutes, stand with right side facing stairs, right foot on first step. Step left foot in front of right onto second step. Repeat. This is called right side cross steps.
– For next two minutes, do some step lunges. Step up two steps with right leg, bending knee 90 degrees into a lunge, bring hands down to touch step in front of you. Stand and repeat with left leg.
– For next two minutes, power walk up and down as fast as you can.

This is a 15 minute routine.

Some equipment to help you:

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