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What are simple ways to avoid seasonal allergies?

There are some seasonal allergies that can cause itchy eyes, scratchy throat, relentless sneezing. Allergens are in the air.
The nasal cycle is affected by the body position. When we lie on one side, the pressure of body in contact with bed triggers a reflex change in the nose so the upper nostril opens while lower one closes up.
Other factors that can affect nasal cycle are allergies, infections, pregnancy, some drugs, humidity, hormones, sexual activity.

Few tricks to keep the symptoms away are:
– To avoid pollen and allergens to spread all over house, try to keep your shoes at the door and avoid them to bring in house.
– Air purifier should be bought which has a HEPA filter which traps tiny particles like viruses and smoke.
– Take a shower before going to bed as it will help you to get rid of all the pollen that you have gathered all day so that they are not carried onto your pillow.
– It is a known fact that pollen is highest during early morning hours so if you are used to do exercise in the morning, then it would be a better option that you should move the workouts indoors.
– Sunglasses should be worn when you are out as they help to keep airborne pollen and allergens out of your eyes.
– Some natural remedies can help to block the allergens. Natural things like fish oil and herbs like butter-bur and singing nettle are good option.
– When you have allergic symptoms, milk and dairy products should be reduced as they increase the mucus production. Also, sugar intake should also be reduced as it increases the swelling levels and therefore, lowering the immunity system.
– Car is another place where you spend a lot of time. So, the car should be cleaned from inside as well as outside.
– Taking tea pot remedies are quite effective as it reduces the sinus pressure and flushes out the nasal passages.

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