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What are different treatment options available for treating liver cancer?

These are some of the treatments available:
– Surgery,
– Immunotherapy,
– Photodynamic Therapy,
– Hyperthermia,
– Radiation Therapy
– Radiosurgery
The best option for curing liver cancer is surgery.

Other techniques used to treat liver cancer are:
– Including inserting needles into the tumor.
– Destroying the tumor (ablation).
– Injecting a substance into the tumor to deprive it of the blood supply it needs (embolization).
– Chemotherapy
– Radiation therapy

The best treatment for the liver cancer is based on:
– Age, overall health, and medical history.
– Extent of the disease.
– Stage of the cancer.
– Your tolerance of specific medicines, procedures, or therapies.
– Expectations for the course of the disease.
– Your opinion or preference.

– Surgery is the only way to cure liver cancer.
– The most common type of surgery for liver cancer is resection (removal of the cancer).
– The presence of cirrhosis of the liver makes surgical resection less successful.
– It may require the entire liver to be removed and replaced with a donated liver (liver transplant).
– Surgery depends on whether the part of your liver that is not affected by the cancer is healthy.
– When part of your liver is removed, enough healthy liver tissue left is to be taken care of, to carry out all of the critical jobs of the liver.

– Ablation destroys the tumor without removing it.
– It is a good option for patients with small liver tumors.
– This process uses high-energy radio waves, alcohol injections and very cold metal probes to destroy the tumor.

– Tumors need the oxygen supplied by blood to grow.
– Embolization stops blood from flowing to the tumor.
– Embolization can be done by injecting substances that plug the artery.
– This is sometimes combined with chemotherapy (chemoembolization) or radiation therapy (radioembolization).

– Chemotherapy drugs kill cancerous cells.
– It works by stopping cancer cells from growing or reproducing, which kills the cells.
– Chemotherapy may be taken by mouth in pill form or injected into a vein or muscle.
– Sometimes it is injected into a hepatic artery through a thin tube (catheter).
– This process is known as chemoembolization.

Radiation Therapy
– Radiation therapy uses high-energy radiation to kill cancer cells and shrink tumors.
– Radiation therapy for liver cancer is usually delivered internally.
– It is done by inserting a radioactive substance into the body.

Targeted Therapy
– Targeted therapy blocks the steps involved in the growth and proliferation of cancer cells.
– Targeted therapy drug may be taken by mouth or in a pill form.
– The main targeted therapy for liver cancer is a drug called Nexavar (sorafenib tosylate).

Hepatocellular Carcinoma
– Partial hepatectomy to resect the entire tumor.
– Liver transplantation.
– Cryoablation.
– Chemoembolization.
– Radiotherapy.
– Sorafenib.
– Radiofrequency ablation.
– Radiofrequency ablation combined with local chemotherapy.

– Photodynamic therapy.
– Brachytherapy.
– Radiotherapy.
– Liver transplantation.

– Chemotherapy, including vincristine, cyclophosphamide, and doxorubicin.
– Radiotherapy.
– Liver transplantation.
– Surgical resection.

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