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What are different nail problems and home remedies for treating them? – Part 1

There are very few nail problems or disorders. Most are associated from the results of injury, from a nutritional, respiratory, or heart disorder. The nail problem can be seen as discoloration or deformity.

What are nails made of?
– They are made of a hard protein called keratin.
– Our nails protect our fingers from injury
– It takes around 90 days for our fingernail and toenails to grow from the base to the tip.

Some of the causes are:
– Iron deficiency will cause your nails to become spoon shaped.
– Your nails may become clubbed.
– Swelling around the ends of your fingers.
– Sometimes your toes are swollen.
– It might be if you have a respiratory or heart problem.
– If you have psoriasis your nails may become pitted.
– The biggest nail problem seen in toe nails is ingrown.
– Another nail problem is discoloration.
– As you get older your nails develop vertical ridges.

The cause is the mal absorption of:
– Vitamins A
– B complex
– Vitamin C
– Calcium
– Magnesium
– Zinc
– Other essential fatty acids

Reasons for discolored nails can include:
– Anemia -very pale nails.
– Liver Problems-nails turn kind of whitish.
– Bacterial- your nails will have dark spots in them that resemble splinters.
– Fungi infections- your nails can turn whitish and soft or even crumble.
– White spots can be caused from a deficiency of zinc or Vitamin A.

There are preventive measures like:
– Keep your finger nails short.
– Wear gloves when working outdoors in your garden.
– Wear rubber gloves if you are always immersing your hands in water.
– Remember to wash your hands and nails when they come in contact with any type of chemicals like cleaning products.
– The best prevention for ingrown nails is to trim your toe nails straight across.
– Wear shoes that do press on your toenails.

What do you do to keep your nails healthy?
– Nail care is as important as keeping your body and hair clean.
– Eat foods that have calcium, iron, vitamin B and potassium.
– Foods like seafood, dairy products, celery, soy should be included.
– Drink 8 glasses of water each day to keep your body from dehydrating.
– Your nails need water just like your hair and body.
– If your nails are splitting or are weak it could be from not drinking enough water.

There are some natural home treatments which should be taken 4 times a day for up to 3 weeks for the following nail problems:

– In the case of brittle nails, try Antimonium 6c.
– If your nails become deformed with white spots, try Silicea 6c.
– If your nails start to get thick, deformed, start to crumble and are swollen and painful, try Graphites 6c.
– If your nails are brittle with red and swollen skin at the base you should, try Thuja 6c.
– For any finger nail problem you can always soak your nails two times a day in Calendula solution, or apply Calendula ointment.

Treatment for Ingrown Nails
– Put a very small piece of cloth between the side of the nail and the skin.
– Completely bathe your toe with Hypericum and Calendula solution – 5 drops of each to ½ pint of boiled water that has cooled.

Other home remedies for nail problems that involve your toe nails are:

– Magnetic austr. 30c.
– Brittle toe nail problems us Thuja 30c.

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