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What are different home remedies for different eye problems?

– Eyes are single of the most helpful sensory organs.
– They are very essential for living a healthy and significant life.
– There are a group of eyes diseases which obstruct in usual viewing.

The major of them are:
– myopia
– hypermetropia
– presbiopia
– astigmatism

These diseases may happen due to:
– reading in improper light.
– pressure.
– injure.
– accidents owing to which the retina or the lens loses its unique configuration.
– working at a long stretch in reading.
– watching television or such bright screens at a very close range.
– deficiency in diet.
– not having enough wholesome raw and fresh food, especially those containing Vitamin A.

Home Remedies for Eye Care

Using rose water and lime juice
– The mixture of rose water and lime juice is very effectual.
– Mix the two ingredients.
– Stay it in an urn to use as an eye drop.
– It will soothe the eyes.
– It will also provide relief from the wear and tear due to daily stress on the eyes.

Using Rose petals and raspberry leaves
– Rose petals and raspberry foliage can be used for taking eye care.
– Take 10 petals of rose and mix it by means of raspberry leaves.
– Put the combination in a glass of water for almost two hours.
– This solution can at the present be used to wash the eyes.
– It will revive the eyes.
– It is also known to keep cataract away.

Using potatoes
– Potatoes can too be used on the eyes.
– This is for custody them stress free and lustrous.
– Cut small, rounded slices of potato.
– Keep it in excess of the eyes for 10-15 minutes.
– This will soothe the eyes and stay it stress free.

Using alum powder and rose water
– Alum powder and rose water combination is a very good eye care.
– Mix 4 grams of alum powder and 30 ml of rose water.
– Use 2-3 drops of this answer on each eye.
– This ensures in getting relief as of eyestrain and redness of the eyes.

Using fruits rich in Vitamin C
– Vitamin C is extremely essential to keep the eyes disease-free.
– Take fruits such as gooseberries and lime as diet.
– These fruits are known to keep the eyes fit and beautiful.

Using fennel seeds
– Fennel seeds are very essential for keeping the eyes intact.
– For preparing the medication, boil semi teaspoonful of fennel seeds in a cup of water.
– Cool the solution.
– use it as a eye drop for calming the eyes.

Using almonds, fennel and sugar candy
– Mix equal amounts of almond, fennel and sugar candy.
– Grind the combination to forma paste.
– Mix 10 grams of this combination with 250 ml of milk each night before sleep.
– This will help in keeping the eyes in good condition.
– This will also keep eye diseases away.

Using onion, honey and camphor
– Onion, honey and camphor mixture is too a very useful home remedy.
– Mix 10 ml each of onion juice and honey and 2 grams of Borneo camphor to get ready the medicine for the eyes.
– Apply this to the eyes each night to keep various eye diseases away.

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