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What are different treatment available for eye disorders? – Part 2

Eyes are single of the most helpful sensory organs. They are very essential for living a healthy and significant life. There are a group of eyes diseases which obstruct in usual viewing.

General Home Treatment
– Regular exercises is more helpful.
– A healthy lifestyle that includes good rest and exercises assist to keep the eyes fit and healthy.
– The eyes are supposed to be washed with clean, cold water.
– This should be done frequently to soothe the eyes and stay them disease-free.
– A healthy diet including green vegetables and fresh fruits also helps a lot in keeping the eyes fit and healthy.
– Smoking should be avoided.
– Tobacco should too be avoided for keeping the eyes intact.
– Care should also be taken for having a good sleep.
– This helps the eyes in getting the necessary rest.
– Wear a glass that protects the eyes from radiation for individuals who work on audio visuals like computer for long hours.
– Spending hours in front of the TV or the computer will definitely take a toll in our eyesight.
– Splashing eyes with normal cold water is the first thing to be done in case of any problem.
– Splashing our eyes with normal clean water every morning to avoid itching.
– There are also important yogas and eye exercises that can be done to strengthen blood flow to the eyes and also the clarity of vision.
– Everything from blood shot eyes, to strained nerves and cataracts can all be cured through exercises and yoga.
– The proper relaxation and techniques must be mastered.
– The main causes are all about blocking the circulation which can be cured through the appropriate type of exercises.

Dietary specifications
– Taking sufficient Vitamin A rich food.
– Make sure to include loads and tons of orange and bright colored fruits plus vegetables in their raw state.
– Milk, spinach and broccoli also contain Vitamin A in healthy amounts.
– Vitamin A is also present in fish oil.
– One can take Vitamin A supplement.
– Eggs, fish and milk contain good Vitamin A.

Some fresh and raw vegetables that are rich in Vitamin A are:
– Yellow or orange in tone
– papaya,
– pumpkin,
– bell peppers,
– carrots,
– mangoes,
– cantaloupes
– cilantro

General Eye Problems and Cure

– This is the condition that blocks our short distance vision.
– This defect can be corrected through the use of concave lens.
– Clarifying of vision can also be done through proper diet.

– This is a condition where there are obstructions to long distance vision.
– This also can be corrected through convex lens.
– One can do better with the proper oxygen flow and release of restrictions through appropriate diet.
– Enough exercises that bring back the sense of flow within the body are another remedy.

– This is another vision problem where the cornea becomes oval shaped.
– This condition can also bring the other problems of myopia as well as hypermetropia.
– Special astigmatic lens is always necessary for correcting this situation.
– There is no particular home remedy but general home remedies can be followed for prevention.

– This is another condition that can be cured through the correction of this lens condition.
– The elasticity and correction of focus can be brought about through the appropriate convex lens.
– This problem results in making you lose elasticity.
– Even consideration of focus on close objects is unavoidable.
– This problem results in obstruction of reading or doing any work that involves close reading.
– These problems can be corrected again through involvement of holistic correction processes.
– Presbyopia is the condition that usually occurs in people right after their 40 years.
– Correction in nutritional deficiencies from early age can stop this reaction.

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