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What are different home remedies for blisters – a summer problem?

About the Blister
– Blisters are a very common thing.
– We come across them very often in our daily lives.
– The common forms of blisters are the ones where the blister is raised and filled with a liquid.
– These can also be found in your mouth.
– They are smaller than canker sores.

Friction blisters are caused by friction by doing things
– With your bare hands,
– Wearing a new shoe,
– Due to heat, frostbite,
– Chemical injury or friction

Blood blisters
– Blood blisters are mainly developed due to a smash or punching injury.
– This kind of injury ticker the blood between the skin layers causing it to be a blood blister.

Self-Care Measures
– If the blister is due to burns, it is best to put pour or soak the injured part in ice-water.
– To avoid blisters on your feet, one must apply Vaseline or petroleum jelly all over your feet before wearing shoes to avoid any friction.
– You can wear silk under socks to prevent blisters.
– Rub baby powder on your feet.
– This prevents blisters appearing on your feet.

Home Remedies for Blisters
– Provide a cool compress to the blister by soaking a towel in a mixture of salt and ice-cold water.
– Apply 10 percent tannic acid to the required areas of the skin, twice daily.
– Continue this application for two to three weeks to make your skin stronger and healthier.
– Sweating causes further inflammation of the blisters.
– To get your feet dry, soak them in a mixture of epsom salt and warm water.
– Do this by the end of the day for five minutes and later soak it dry for best results.
– You can treat broken blisters by applying few drops of Listerine to disinfect the wound as this works like a wonderful antiseptic.
– You can apply aloe vera gel or juice, vitamin E oil or zinc ointment on the blisters to alleviate pain.
– Garlic oil also helps in disinfecting the infected blisters.
– Dab blisters with witch hazel at least four times a day.
– This would relieve pain and also help in drying process of the blister.
– Garlic oil is known to heal due to the presence of astringent tannin.
– Aloe vera, vitamin E oil, or zinc ointment will help heal a blister.
– Puncture gently with clean & sterilized needle and place a tiny bit of Neosporin.
– Place a corn pad (inner portion of circular removed) and place over the blister until it heals.
– Do not drain the blister.
– Do not remove the overlying skin.
– Place an adhesive donut bandage, over the blister for protection and comfort.
– Do not use one of those liquid bandages over a pierced blister.
– “Tent” the bandage by bringing in its sides so the padding in the middle of the bandage rises up a bit.
– A tented bandage will help protect the blister while exposing it to air.
– This will make the blister heal with speed.
– Another type of bandage, available in pharmacies, contains a gel and antiseptic to cushion and “clean” the blister which is known as the double padded bandage.
– Give your blister a chance to “breathe” by going without a bandage occasionally.
– Apply an antibacterial/antibiotic ointment to it.
– Doctors generally recommend Bacitracin or Polysporin.
– Try using the circular pads made of foam adhesive found in the foot-care aisle of drug.
– Elevating the blistered area can help relieve the pressure.
– To drain a blister on a tough-skinned area, such as the sole of the foot, soak the blister for fifteen minutes in Burow’s solution.
– Soak the blister three to four times a day.
– A day or two of this will soften the blister and make draining easier.
– Redness, red streaks, or pus in an intact or “popped” blister should be treated by a doctor.

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