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What are different home remedies for heat rash – a summer problem? Part 1

Heat Rashes
– Heat rashes arise as a result of trapping of sweat under the skin layers.
– These occur most commonly during summer seasons.
– Babies and toddlers are found to be most commonly affected by the problem of heat rash.
– Heat rash can be noticed in adults often after working hard in the sun or outside.
– Heat rash can be noticed over the parts of body covered by clothes.
– Keeping away from hot and wearing loose dresses is one of the best ways to prevent heat rash.

Home Remedies for Heat Rash

1. Aloe Vera
– Aloe vera is proved to be an excellent herbal cure in the case of heat rash.
– Applying freshly extracted aloe gel over the rashes can be beneficial.
– This cures the rash at a faster rate.
– Aloe vera gel can relieve us from the itching and paining caused due to the heat rash.
– Using an aloe lotion is also effective in curing the problem of heat rash.
– Spreading a little of cornstarch or baby powder can be helpful in removing all the moisture from our body triggered by the heat rash.
– A practice of using talcum powder after having a bath can be beneficial.
– This prevents problems of rashes.

2. Ice cubes
– Ice cubes can be used in treating the problem of heat rashes.
– Hold a few ice cubes tied inside a cloth bag against the affected skin parts.
– Apply cold packs for a few minutes is beneficial.
– This can be useful in curing the problem of heat rash.
– Avoid using ointments or skin care creams over the affected areas of skin.
– The creams can lead to further clogging of hair follicles.

3. Baking soda
– Baking soda is an important home remedy in the case of heat rash.
– Having a bath using baking soda can be valuable.
– This might reduce the rashes at a faster rate.
– One or two teaspoons of baking soda can be dissolved in water before taking a bath.
– Baking soda is proved in reducing the itching as well as redness of the rashes.

4. Using antibacterial soaps and lotions
– This can be useful in curing the problem very effectively.
– Rinsing the involved areas of skin using an antiseptic soap helps in reducing the itchiness and redness of heat rash.
– Applying chamomile tea over the affected skin parts can also help in curing the problem of heat rash.

5. Loose fitting clothes
– Loose clothes can be used in summer season to prevent the problem of heat rash.
– Dry yourselves using a cotton towel after having a bath.
– This is to prevent the problem of same very efficiently.

6. Antihistamine creams
– These creams can also be utilized in the treatment for the heat rash.
– Applying a little of antihistamine cream is proved in reducing the itching as well as redness.

7. Corn Starch
– To soothe the rash area add corn starch over the affected area.
– This reduces the moisture that agitates the rash.
– It is also known to soothe the pain.

8. Calamine Lotion
– Calamine Lotion is an excellent home remedy for heat rash.
– It works well and is gentle on the skin.

9. Air Conditioning
– Find an air conditioned area where you can cool down and rest.

10. Air Dry
– Take a cool or luke warm shower.
– Then allow your skin to air dry versus using a towel.
– After drying off you might put a light aloe gel on the heat rash.

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