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What are different home remedies for heat rash – a summer problem? Part 2

Heat Rashes
– Heat rashes arise as a result of trapping of sweat under the skin layers.
– These occur most commonly during summer seasons.
– Babies and toddlers are found to be most commonly affected by the problem of heat rash.
– Heat rash can be noticed in adults often after working hard in the sun or outside.
– Heat rash can be noticed over the parts of body covered by clothes.
– Keeping away from hot and wearing loose dresses is one of the best ways to prevent heat rash.

Home Remedies for Heat Rash

11. Avoid Creams and Lotions
– Avoid the use of heavy creams and ointments.
– Ointments and creams will tend to block the pores.
– This will make the rash even more flared up.

12. Cucumber
– Peel and slice a cucumber.
– Gently rub it on your heat rash for treatment.
– The cucumber is naturally cooling and will give you instant relief.

13. Rose Water and Sandalwood Powder
Using a mixture of rose water with sandalwood powder creates a cooling as well as healing effect on any heat rash.

14. Yellow Dock Root
– Take a handful of minced yellow dock root and boil for ten full minutes.
– Strain the yellow dock.
– Then take the cooled liquid and apply to the heat rash throughout the day.

15. Jewelweed
– Jewelweed or Touch-me-not plant is usually found in low lying areas near water.
– If you take a few leaves and crush it in your hand and gently place it on the heat rash and you will have immediate relief.

16. Lavender or Peppermint Oil
– A home remedy for heat rash that is very natural and soothing is this oil.
– Lavender and peppermint oil has a cooling effect on skin.
– This will help to reduce the painful prickly heat rash irritation.
– Apply it directly to the skin.
– Take a nice bath and infuse the bath water with these oils.

17. Oatmeal Pack
– Take oatmeal and soak it in cool water to soften it.
– This can take a couple hours.
– After the oatmeal has soaked long enough, take the cool oats and apply them on the heat rash area.
– Leave there for an hour or so.
– This natural remedy works wonders and also helps to soften your skin.

18. Powdered Calendula, Chamomile and Corn Starch
– Take a couple tablespoons of calendula powder, chamomile powder and cornstarch.
– Mix these together for a very natural remedy for heat rash.
– This remedy is even safe on babies.

19. Stay Indoors
– Staying indoors and out of the sunlight is the best natural home remedy for heat rash.
– Keeping cool and dressed in light airy clothing will help a lot.

20. Mild Soap
– Use mild soaps and take cool shower to help heal the rash.
– Use a light aloe Vera gel to ease the irritation.

21. Cumin Seed and Coconut Oil Paste
– Take cumin seeds and grind them into a powder.
– Then mix the powder with coconut oil, just enough oil to create a thick paste.
– Take the paste and apply it to your heat rash about an hour or so before you take shower.

22. Margossa Leaf
– Take some margossa leaves and boil them for about ten minutes.
– After they are boiled, place them in your bath to make a nice healing herbal bath.
– Soak it in your bath tub for twenty minutes.
– Then air dry your body and rest in a cool room.

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