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What are different tips and remedies for shiny hair? – Part 1

Taking care of hair is a tough task. Its very difficult to control the frizzy hair in the cold weather as it losses its texture, shiny hair. Healthy shiny hair enhances the beauty of a person. Here are some few tips to maintain the shiny hair.

1. Coconut oil mix
– Warm coconut oil.
– Add 1 spoon of lemon juice and 2 spoon of olive oil.
– Massage the mixture into the scalp.
– Leave it overnight.
– Wash it next morning.

2. Honey and Aloe Vera shampoo
– 2 tablespoons of good quality whiskey,
– 100 ml honey shampoo,
– 200 mg aloe Vera pulp.
– Mix the three ingredients well.
– Keep the mixture in a dark place and let it sit for 6 months.
– Apply the mixture.
– In a week you will have beautiful shiny hair that is full of strength.
– For normal hair only.
– Do not use it for dry or oily hair.

3. Egg whites
– Beat four egg whites.
– Apply to the scalp.
– Rinse as usual adding a little apple cider vinegar to the water.

4. Egg and mayonnaise cap
– In a bowl, make a mixture of eggs and mayonnaise.
– Spread throughout your hair.
– Wrap your head with a towel.
– Leave on for 20 minutes.
– Wash normally.

5. Glacial shine shampoo
– Just add the gel of four aloe Vera leaves and a few spoonfuls of honey to your shampoo.
– Wash your hair normally.

6. Beer rinse
– After washing hair give your hair a final rinse with beer.
– Do not rinse out.
– The smell of beer will dissipate when your hair dries.

7. Parsley leaves and sour oranges infusion
– Put some parsley sprigs or a few leaves of sour orange to boil in water for 15 minutes.
– Let them cool and rinse hair with either one of these infusions after shampoo.

8. Vinegar rinse
– After washing hair, just soak it in vinegar.
– Leave for about 20 minutes.
– Rinse with water.

9. Oil pack
– Combine almond, coconut, sesame, and avocado oils with a spoonful of honey.
– Apply all over the hair.
– Cover it with a towel.
– Leave it on for an hour.
– Then wash normally.

10. Lemon rinse
– Dissolve lemon juice in one litre of water.
– Rinse hair with this solution once a week after shampooing.

Beautiful Shiny Hair
– Mix three tablespoons of honey, four tablespoons of castor oil, an egg yolk, and aloe vera gel.
– Mix well and apply throughout the hair.
– Cover hair with a towel for an hour.
– Wash normally but give your hair a final rinse with rosemary water
– Rosemary water can be prepared by boiling some rosemary leaves in water and the water is to be used.

For Glassy Shine
– After shampooing, dry hair with a towel and apply an intensive conditioner.
– Cover hair with a plastic cap.
– The heat opens the hair cuticle allowing conditioner to penetrate better.
– Leave on for 15 minutes.
– Rinse.

Silk Handkerchief
– After shampooing and drying your hair, rub it with a silk handkerchief.

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