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What are different home remedies for Alcoholism?

What is Alcoholism?
– Alcoholism is the physical and mental addiction to alcohol.
– Prolonged use of alcohol will affect both physical and mental conditions of the person.
– There are also various social implications from their associated behaviors.
– Physically, it affects the digestive system, pancreas, nerves, and heart.

Common Causes of Alcoholism
– Depression
– Schizophrenia
– Genetics
– Inheritance
– Established behavior patterns
– Environment
– Damaged relationships

Home remedies for Alcoholism

1.) Alcoholism treatment using Grapes
– The restricted diet of grapes for about a month is a vital home remedy for alcoholism.
– As this fruit contains a very pure form of alcohol, it acts like a healthy alternative to alcohol.
– The ideal process is to take three meals a day of fresh grapes every five hours.

2.) Alcoholism treatment using Apples
– Apples, when eaten regularly and liberally, helps in removing intoxication.
– It reduces craving for wines or any other kind of liquor.

3.) Alcoholism treatment using Dates
– Dates are beneficial in treating alcoholism.
– Rub together 3-4 dates in half a glass of water and drink.
– Have this drink two times a day for a period of about a month.

4.) Alcoholism treatment using Bitter Gourd
– Juice extracted from bitter gourd leaves is the perfect remedy for alcohol intoxication.
– It is basically useful for the damaged liver.
– Mix three teaspoons of the juice with a glass of butter milk and consume.
– Consume this every morning for a month.

5.) Alcoholism treatment using Celery
– The juice of raw celery creates a sobering effect on the alcoholic patient.
– In half a glass of water, mix an equal quantity of celery juice and drink.
– It should be consumed once every day for about a month.

6.) Alcoholism treatment using Buttermilk
– You can drink buttermilk every morning with empty stomach.
– It is quite useful and effective home remedy for treating alcoholism.

7.) Exercise
– Exercise is a way to get healthy body.
– The alcoholic should do some light exercise at home.
– He can also do yoga asana and meditation as this will help him to make a strong will power.

8.) Smoking
Those who are suffering from alcoholism should avoid smoking too as it increases the wish to drink alcohol.

Diet for Alcoholism Recovery
– It is most important to feed ample amounts of nutrients back in the body of the alcoholic.
– The patient should be on an “all liquid” diet.
– This diet is preferably juices, for a minimum period of 10 to 12 days.
– The patient should start on a diet of several small meals a day rather than three large ones.
– The alcoholic needs to exercise regularly.
– Include outdoor activities in their daily schedule.
– A healthy diet for alcoholism must include foods such as wholegrain cereals, legumes and pulses, fresh fruits and vegetables.
– A glass of fresh fruit juice and eating healthy snacks like candy or Soya beans etc will curb the cravings of having alcohol.
– Avoid refined food products like white flour, white sugar, white rice, macaroni products.
– This can be substituted with brown rice, brown sugar, leafy vegetables and other whole grain products.

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