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What are different home remedies and exercises for Back Pain? Part 2

Causes of Backache
– Sedentary living habits
– Hazardous work patterns
– Psychological conditions associated with emotional stress.
– Spasms of the muscles
– Bad posture or illness
– Overweight.
– Muscular Tension, Straining of the Joints, Poor Posture.
– Kidney or Prostate Problems, Female Disorders, Influenza.
– Sitting for a Long Time, High Heels.

10.) Back Stretches for Back Pain
– Lay on one side and point the bottom leg out straight.
– Draw the top leg up toward your chest.
– Take your bottom arm and pull the knee toward the floor.
– Twist your shoulders the opposite direction.
– Take your top hand and push in spots up and down your body to stretch the spine as you are twisting.
– Then do the other side.
– Do each side for about a minute.

11.) Prolotherapy Natural Remedy for Back Pain
– Prolotherapy involves injecting a natural irritant into the injured area of the spine.
– This stimulates the body’s natural repair mechanism to stimulate growth and replacement of damaged tissues.

12.) Cold Compresses
– Use cold compress using an ice pack.

13.) MA Roller Natural Back Pain Home Remedy
– Buy yourself a MA Roller.
– These work really good for all types of back pain.

14.) Sleep on Floor for Back Pain
– Sleep on the floor for a night or two.

15.) Massage as Home Remedy for Pain in the Back
– Getting a massage can provide great comfort and relief.
– The best way to have a massage is for the person giving the massage to use massage oil.
– There are many types of oils but eucalyptus oil is really good.

16.) Hot Milk Home Remedy for Back Pain
– Drink water or hot milk with soda, salt, and powered dry ginger (sonth) mixed in it to help cure your sore back.

17.) Fish Oil Natural Remedy for Back Pain
– Taking a fish oil capsule every day.
– It is an inexpensive way to help with back pain, wrist aches, and joint pain.
– Omega 3 fatty acids have been shown to reduce inflammation of all types.
– You can also get this as flax seed oil.

18.) Metal Sheet Back Pain Home Remedy
– Take a metalized heat reflecting sheet and put it between the mattress and bottom sheet of your bed.
– This will help apply extra heat to your back.
– This works better than even electric heating pads or hot water bottles.

19.) Hand Towel Back Pain Natural Cure
– Take a wet hand towel, ring it out, place it in the microwave for two to three minutes.
– Put it in a zip lock bag and then wrap a dry towel around it.
– Put this on your sore back and it should help relieve it.
– This is a great natural cure for back pain as well as for other body aches.

20.) Knuckle Rub Natural Home Remedy for Back Pain
– When you’re taking a shower, put some kind of slippery gel on your back and rub your back with your knuckles.
– This will help get all the knots and sore spots out of your back.

21.) Therma Care Natural Cure for Back Pain
– Therma Care heat wraps work great on relieving a sore back.
– They help give your muscles warmth and last up to 10 hours.

22.) Horsetail Natural Remedy for Back Pain
– Have horsetail (a weed type) bath.
– Then wrap yourself in a towel and go to bed.

23.) Tennis Ball Home Remedies for Back Pain
– Lie down on a tennis ball where your back is hurting.
– Move the tennis ball around to where each spot hurts.
– The pain should slowly fade away.

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