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What are different home remedies and exercises for Back Pain? Part 3

Causes of Backache
– Sedentary living habits
– Hazardous work patterns
– Psychological conditions associated with emotional stress.
– Spasms of the muscles
– Bad posture or illness
– Overweight.
– Muscular Tension, Straining of the Joints, Poor Posture.
– Kidney or Prostate Problems, Female Disorders, Influenza.
– Sitting for a Long Time, High Heels.

24.) Back Cushion
– Buying a seat cushion to help give you extra support is a great way to help relieve a sore back.
– Use a cushion for any seat you sit in including your car seats and your office chairs.
– Lean your seat back a little to help your back rest.

25.) Carrying Things Close, Home Treatment for Back Pain
– Instead of carrying things away from your body, you should carry them close to it.
– When you carry things holding them out from your body it tends to put stress on your back.
– Make sure to lift using your legs, not your back.
– Also avoid carrying over weights.

26.) Weight Loss Back Pain Natural Cure
– Watching your weight is another natural cure for back pain.
– The best way to maintain your weight at a healthy level is to eat a well-balanced diet and make sure not to overeat.

27.) The Ginger Root Back Pain Home Remedy
– Grab two ginger roots and slice them up into pieces and place them into a pan of water.
– Then place the pan of water and ginger root on a burner and bring it to a slow boil.
– After it starts to boil let it boil for thirty minutes and then remove it from the stove.
– Let it cool down and sit for thirty minutes.
– Once it has cooled down strain the water into a cup and add honey to it (for flavor), then drink it.

28.) Wheat Natural Remedy for Back Pain
– Take an ounce of whole grain wheat and soak it with water overnight.
– In the morning add in an ounce of khas khas grass and mix them together.
– After you have mixed the soaked wheat and khas khas grass you should add an ounce of coriander, 8 ounces of water into the mixture and heat it on the stove.
– Boil the mixture until there is only one third of it left then drink it.
– This will help strengthen your digestive system and the rest of your body.

29.) Mint Oil Remedy for Back Pain
– Grab some mint oil out of your cupboard and rub it on your back on the area of the pain.

30.) Khas Khas Grass Remedy for Back Pain
– Take Khas Khas grass and a little sugar candy and mix them together and take them like medicine.
– Do this on a daily basis.
– It will help prevent back pain.

31.) Bryonia Album Natural Home Cure for Back Pain
– To get rid of back pain try using the Bryonia Album homeopathic treatment.
– Bryonia Album is a homeopathic drug that influences both the muscular and skeletal systems in the body.

32.) Rhus tox Remedy for Back Pain
– Rhus Tox is another homeopathic drug that works along with Bryonia album in reducing your back pain.

33.) Arnica Montana Remedy for Back Pain
– Arnica Montana is homeopathic drug derived from plants that does wonders on pain in the back.

34.) Celery Juice Remedy for Back Pain
– Celery is called one of the best healing foods for people.
– The reason is that it is high in sodium content and it also alkalizes the human body.
– This will help you with the stiffness and inflation of your back.
– Put the celery in a juicer by itself and make a juice to drink out of it.
– You should do this twice a day for two weeks.

35.) Water Home Remedy for Back Pain
– Drinking eight to ten twelve ounce glasses of water a day is what people should drink on a normal day.
– Get plenty of water which will help keep the body hydrated.
– It also help the blood circulate in your body.

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