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What are different home remedies for Anemia? – Part 3

– Anemia is a disorder that results from decrease in the concentration of red blood cells or hemoglobin.
– One of the main functions of hemoglobin is to carry oxygen to tissues.
– Anemia results in decreased oxygen carrying capacity of blood.

10. Anemia Treatment using Almonds
– Almonds contain copper to the extent of 1.15 mg per 100 gm.
– The copper along with iron and vitamins acts as a catalyst in the synthesis of hemoglobin.
– Take about seven almonds and soak in water for about two hours and ground into a paste after removing the thin red skin.
– This paste may be eaten once daily in the morning for three months.

11. Anemia Treatment using Sesame Seeds
– Black sesame seeds are a rich source of iron.
– Soak one teaspoon of the seeds in warm water for a couple of hours.
– They should be ground and strained and then mixed with a cup of milk and sweetened with jaggery or sugar.
– This emulsion should be given to patients suffering from anemia.

12. Anemia Treatment using Beet roots
– Beets are rich in folic acid, fiber and potassium.
– The easiest and most flavorful way to prepare beets is in the microwave.
– Keep the skin on when cooking and peel before eating.
– The most nutrient-dense part of the beet is right under the skin.

13. Anemia Treatment using Wormwood
– Wormwood is often prescribed as it is rich in iron content and helps treat anemia.

14. Anemia Treatment using Celery (Ajmoda)
– Celery is a good source of dietary iron.
– Take Celery with carrot juice as it effectively cures the blood ailments.

15. Anemia Treatment using Other Foods
– Daily drinking three to four cups of white cabbage juice is recommended.
– Anemic persons should have 3 to 4 dried figs to help treat anemia.
– Eating amla or gooseberry will also provide the vitamin C required by the body of the anemic person.
– There are several other foods which are rich sources of iron like
• bananas
• black grapes
• plums
• apples
• strawberries
• raisins
• onions
• squash
• carrots
• radish
• celery
• tomatoes

Exclusive Fruit Diet for Anemic Patients
– The patient should commence a therapeutic treatment with an exclusive fruit diet for five days.
– Take three meals a day of fresh juicy fruits.
– This may be followed by a fruit and milk diet for about fifteen days.
– The frequency of meals should be exactly the same as for the earlier all-fruit diet.
– The patient should take a well-balanced diet, consisting of seeds, nuts, grains, vegetables, and fruits.

Other Anemia Treatments
1. Cold Water Baths
The patient should be given a cold bath carefully twice daily

2. Hot Epsom salts Bath and Sunbaths
– A hot Epsom salts bath for five to ten minutes once a week and an occasional steam bath are also useful
– Sunbaths are especially beneficial as the sunlight stimulates the production of red cells.

3. Deep Breathing and Light Exercises
– Do deep breathing and light exercises like walking to help treat anemia.

4. Yogic Asanas
– Yogic asanas such as sarvangasana paschimottanasana and shavasana as well as massage are also helpful.

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