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What are different home remedies for Angina?

– Angina is a pain that occurs in chest area which can lead to heart attack or even paralysis, when severe.
– This disease is also known as ‘angina pectoris’.
– This pain is like a discomfort that occurs due to the heart muscles not getting enough blood supply.
– The pain may also occur in some other areas of the body such as shoulders, arms, neck, jaw, or back.
– Angina may also give rise to symptoms like having indigestion.

– Coronary heart disease
– Cardiovascular disease
– Atherosclerosis
– Atheroma
– Aorta conditions
– Aortic valve disease


1. Indian gooseberry
– This is also known as Amla and it is a natural source of vitamin C.
– Emblica myrobalan (amla) prevents all heart problems including Angina.

2. Lemon
– Daily use of lemon is recommended as an effective home remedy for angina.
– Lemon prevents heart problems as it prevents the accumulation of cholesterol in the blood vessels.

3. Honey
– Honey is said to be one of the most excellent home remedy for angina.
– Mix one tbsp of honey and juice of ½ a lemon in a glass of water and have it before going to the bed.

4. Beet root
– Beet root juice is also said to be good relieving angina up to some extent.

5. Garlic
– Consuming two pieces of garlic that are boiled in milk is known for relieving various heart symptoms including angina.

6. Parsley
– Parsley tea is the simple but effective way for angina.
– It should be taken twice or thrice a day.

7. Fresh grape fruits
– These fruits carry great value in the treatment of angina.
– Grape fruits tone up the heart by giving protection from various heart ailments.
– This is very useful diet for angina.

8. Apples
– Apples are known to nourish the heart.
– Apple juice and apple jam can be taken in any amounts.
– This is very useful angina remedy.

9. Exercise
– Regular light exercises are very important to have healthy heart.
– Brisk walking and any aerobic exercise are preferred

10. Tulsi (holy basil)
– Take one teaspoon of tulsi (holy basil) juice with one teaspoon of honey on empty stomach daily.
– This is very effective natural remedy for angina.

11. Vitamin E
– People suffering from angina should increase the intake of vitamin E.
– This will improve the oxygenation of the cells.
– This gives relief from heart problems.

12. Onions
– Take one teaspoon of raw onion juice on empty stomach in the morning.

13. Asparagus
– Asparagus is good for strengthening heart.
– One who have weak or enlarged heart can get benefit from this remedy.
– Extract some juice from the fresh fruit of asparagus and mix it with honey in a ratio 2:1.
– 1 Tablespoon of this medicine can be taken three times a day.
– It can also be taken after steam cook.

14. Almond Oil
– Take a tablespoon of almond oil and mix it with rose oil.
– Mix it well and rub it over the chest.
– Massage of this oil is effective remedy for Angina.

15. General Remedies
– Smoking increases the chances of heart diseases so it should be avoided.
– One should restrict salt intake.
– Have a well balanced diet that contains fruits, vegetables and cereals with natural fiber.
– High blood pressure and diabetes are the main causes of angina and so one should therefore be maintained on these problems.

– Grapes
– Castor oil
– Honey
– Lemon
– Garlic
– Lemon peel

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