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What are different home remedies for Anorexia ?

Anorexia is medically known as anorexia nervosa.
– It is an eating disorder.
– It mainly affects mainly girls or women.
– Anorexia can be simply defined as less appetite or sometimes disliking towards the food due to one or the other reason.
– Anorexia may not harm on the initial stages but eventually it can take up the body weight.
– Anorexia also makes person undernourished resulting in low immunity power.

Causes of Anorexia
– Cultural pressures
– Psychological issues
– Family environment
– Genetic factors
– Life transitions
– Perpetuating factors

Home Remedies and Natural Remedies for Anorexia
1. Oranges
– Having about 2-3 fresh oranges a day is extremely beneficial.
– One can eat them once in a day as a breakfast.

2. Cloves and Lime Solution
– Take 1 cup water and boil 2-3 cloves in it.
– Strain it and then add the juice of half lime to this solution.
– Consume this twice a day, for 7 days.

3. Apples
– Apples help the digestion by stimulating the flow of pepsin.
– Pepsin is a protein-digesting enzyme present in the stomach.

4. Garlic
– Garlic has a special property to stimulate the digestive system of the body and can improve appetite.
– A soup made from garlic can be of great help to a person suffering from anorexia.
– Take three or four cloves of raw garlic and boil them in a cupful of water.
– The soup can be enhanced with the juice of half a lemon.
– This soup can be taken two times a day.

5. Ginger
– Use of ginger is valuable in treating loss of appetite.
– About 5 gm of this spice is grounded and licked with a little rock-salt once a day for the treatment of anorexia.

6. Ginger and Rock Salt
– One can take little piece of the ginger and peel it off.
– Make it paste by adding few drops of lemon, very little asafetida, and one black pepper.
– Mix it up and have it daily on empty stomach at least for 15 days.
– This may improve the appetite.

7. Leafy Vegetables
– Increase the green vegetable salads in the meals.
– This may include cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, beets and capsicums.

8. Tomato
– Simply eating raw tomato increases appetite to some extent.

9. Ghee
– ‘Ghee’ is one of the best foods for increasing the appetite without disturbing any of the other bodily systems.

Other herbs that help in treating anorexia
– Chamomile
– Marjoram
– Hawthorn
– Myrrh
– Gentian
– Wormwood
– Hops
– Sage
– Thyme
– Lavender
– Tarragon
– Yarrow
– Centaury
– Horseradish

Diet for Anorexia
– Patients should be given a well balanced nutritious meal that is high in proteins that can help to regain and build muscle and bone strength.
– Vital vitamins and minerals can be obtained from fruits and vegetables that are also low in calories.
– Fruits and vegetables are also high in fiber which helps in boosting digestion and metabolism.
– Foods rich in proteins such as chicken, eggs, legumes and pulses should be included in the daily diet.
– Carbohydrate rich foods like whole grains, oats and rice are also a must for anorexia patients.
– Vitamin supplements for B vitamins, vitamins A, C, D, K and folic acid should also be regularly given to patients suffering from anorexia.

Under no circumstance should the patient resort to the use of laxatives, enemas or other medications that have not been prescribed by the doctor.

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