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What are different home remedies for Acne Scars? Part 2

Overview on Acne
– Acne, which is also known as zits, pimples or blemishes, is a skin problem.
– Acne can range from mild to severe.
– This depends upon the causes and the areas affected.
– The main cause of acne is due to the production of the androgen hormone.
– There are a few simple dietary and lifestyles changes that you can incorporate to reduce this problem.

Home Remedies for Acne Scars
8. Aloe Vera
– Aloe Vera gel is not only beneficial for acne home treatment, but also for natural acne scar treatment.
– It is best used in its purely natural form.
– Use 100% natural and organic aloe Vera gels.
– These are available online or in most stores and pharmacies.
– Because of its powerful astringent, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties, it is beneficial to apply it directly onto the affected area.
– There are several natural ingredients that could be added to it to accelerate the healing process.
– They can also be used to lighten the PIH affected area too.

9. Aloe Marigold Acne Scar Gel
– Marigold (Calendula Officinalis), due to its therapeutic healing and anti-inflammatory effects is widely used.
– This can be added essential oils or in a 50/50 ratio with aloe Vera gel.

a) 10 ml aloe vera gel
b) 10 ml calendula tincture
a) Add the ingredients to a small, clean cosmetic jar.
b) Thoroughly mix them.
c) Apply this onto the acne scars.
d) This can be repeated 3-4 times a day.
e) A variety of essential oils with skin healing properties, such as sandalwood, German chamomile, juniper berry, and rosemary or carrot seed oils can also be added with 2 drops to 20mls of Aloe-Marigold
Acne scar Gel.

10. Rose Hip Oil
– Rose hip oil is the ultimate acne scars home remedy.
– It’s amazing nutritional composition and balancing properties are unique.
– The cold pressed oil of rose hips is widely used not just in the treatment of acne scars, but also for scarring caused by eczema.
– This also helps in treating scarring from psoriasis, stretch marks due to pregnancy or sudden weight gain, wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation caused by aging or uneven skin tone.
– Rose hip oil contains 80 % essential fatty acids and 30 times more vitamin C than citrus fruits.
– There are nutrients that are vital for the regeneration and repair of skin tissues.
– You can apply this oil directly to the skin after each time you cleanse.

Diet for Acne Scars
– Following a healthy diet that is high in vitamins and minerals can help detoxify the body.
– This in turn prevents acne outbreaks and expedites the healing of the scars.
– Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water each day.
– It flushes the toxins from your body.
– Consume a glass of water to which some freshly squeezed lemon juice has been added in the morning.
– Do not eat anything for at least half an hour after that.
– Eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables.
– They are high in silica, which is excellent for restoration of the skin.
– Fresh fruits and veggies also contain natural antioxidants.
– This keeps the skin clear and healthy by eliminating toxins from the body.
– Increase your consumption of foods that are high in Vitamin C.
– It helps the skin tissues heal faster.
– Oranges, peppers, mangoes and other citrus fruits are great for this purpose.
– Zinc is good for the growth, healing and regeneration of skin tissues.
– Foods that are high in zinc should be consumed regularly.
– This includes meat, seafood, poultry, potatoes and pumpkin seeds.
– Herbal tea is excellent for overall health.
– Try drinking a cup of herbal tea after each meal.
– Some of the types of herbal tea that are effective include chamomile, cumin, and fennel and coriander tea.
– There are certain foods that should be avoided.
– This includes greasy food, processed food and fatty foods, as they slow down the healing process.

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