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What are different home remedies for Chest Congestion?

The buildup of mucus and phlegm within the bronchial tube and the lungs is often referred to as chest congestion.

Symptoms for Chest Congestion
– Tautness in your chest.
– Concentration of the phlegm in the chest.
– Low grade pain or an acute pain.

Home Remedies for Chest Congestion
1. Honey
– Honey has bactericidal properties.
– Honey contains hydrogen peroxide which kills off the bacteria.
– It decongests the chest to aid normal breathing.
– It also decreases the irritation of the throat and helps in reducing cough.

2. Water
– Drink a lot of fluids.
– Water is useful in flushing out toxins from the body.
– Water should be used so that harmful bacteria are flushed out from the system.
– When your body is hydrated properly, the mucous in the chest gets softened.
– Then it is easily coughed out.

3. Yellow Fruits
– Yellow colored fruits and vegetables are rich in beta carotene and anti oxidants.
– Both aid in the correct functioning of the lungs.
– Spinach, papaya, berries are good sources of beta carotene and anti oxidants.
– Hence they should be included in good quantities in all meals.

4. Spicy Foods
– Hot foods also kill bacteria.
– Eating spicy foods like peppers, jalapeno and chilies helps to get rid of the unwanted bacteria.
– The heat also helps the congested mucus to become thin.

5. Enzyme Rich Food
– This type of food can break down your phlegm.
– Therefore, enzyme rich foods like kiwi and pineapple should be taken.
– This will help the mucous to be broken down and eliminated.

6. Garlic
– The patient should be given garlic cloves that are boiled in thirty grams of milk daily.
– Garlic has properties that can ward off infections.

7. Essential Oils
– Essential oils have relaxing and soothing aromas.
– They help in fighting off infection and clearing congestion.
– Use an oil diffuser to turn the oil into vapors.
– Inhale these vapors to clear the nasal pathways.
– Once your nasal pathways are clear, one will be able to breathe properly.

8. Eucalyptus Oil
– Eucalyptus oil helps in clearing out the congestion and removing the phlegm from the body.
– This oil will make you sweat and cause a runny nose.
– The runny nose will help eliminate the clogged phlegm.
– This clears the airways and frees the lungs of any congestion.
– It also helps open up the sinus cavities thereby helping in breathing better.

9. Cloves
– Boil 4-5 cloves in 125 ml of water.
– Add one teaspoonful of honey and drink the mixture twice or thrice a day.
– This is a good home remedy for chest congestion.

10. Turmeric and Honey
– Turmeric can be taken along with honey in the morning on empty stomach to reduce the intensity of attack.
– It is one of the most useful natural remedy for chest congestion.

11. Ginger
– Steaming ginger tea with minced garlic cloves should be given twice a day every morning and evening.

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