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What are different home remedies for Chafing?

– Chafing can be defined as a skin irritation that is caused by repeated rubbing.
– Chafing generally occurs around the groin, underarms and nipples.
– It can occur anywhere in the body where a part has rubbed against something.
– Chafing is particular problem in people with overweight and who are athletes.
– Chafing is soreness or irritation of the skin that is caused by friction.
– Prevention is the best and effective way to treat chafing.

– Rubbing against anything.
– Tight clothes.
– Obesity or overweight.
– Poorly fitted undergarments such as bra.
– Skin areas rubbing each other as in groin and underarms.
– Poor hygienic condition.


1. Stay dry by using talcum powder or cornstarch.
2. Homemade lubricant
– This can be made by mixing one cup each of A & D ointment and Vaseline.
– In that add one fourth cup each of vitamin E cream and Aloe Vera cream.
– This is to have better consistency and good smell.
– This ointment works great on your skin.
– It also helps in healing and preventing blister.

3. Petroleum jelly
– You can also apply petroleum jelly to the affected areas.
– This will also avoid any rubbing and friction.

4. Calendula oil
– Calendula oil is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal oil.
– It is well known for its healing properties.
– It helps to clear skin irritation due to chafing.

5. Zinc oxide
– This is an inexpensive paste which treats chafing problem.
– To remove zinc oxide you can apply olive oil or mineral oil.

6. Gold Bond Medicated power
– Apply it before going to bed and the problem is improves by morning.

7. Butt Paste
– This is a great chafing home remedy.
– Use this on the affected area and the chafing disappears in short time.
– It also acts as a preventative.
– This can be found over the counter in any drug store.

8. Deodorant
– Put some women’s deodorant on the chafed area.
– It will stop sweat from forming and aggravating the condition.
– When the area gets red and sore, get some plain vanilla diaper rash crème with Vitamin A & D and apply it on the area.
– By morning it will be mostly well.

9. Cotton clothes
– One should avoid wearing rough-cut and coarse clothes.
– It is advisable to put-on 100% cotton fabric rather than a synthetic blend of other materials.
– They may cause irritation to the skin.
– Put-on loose-fitting clothes as it keeps the skin cool and dry.

10. Water
– Drinking plenty of water.
– This will avoid dehydration and will allow you to hydrate in a right manner.

11. Other Home Remedies
– Baby oil and powder can help reduce irritation.
– Apply them on your body.
– Apply almond or lavender oil to avoid chafing.
– Include these substances such as: vitamin A, Vitamin C, Zinc etc in your diet.
– Reduce weight in particular areas.
– Exercise regularly to feel cool.

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