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What are different home remedies for Cholera?

– Cholera is an infectious disease that is caused by a comma-shaped bacterium – Vibrio Cholerae.
– This bacterium causes acute diarrhea and an intestinal infection.
– It gets through the ingestion of contaminated food or water.

– Watery diarrhea with a ‘fishy’ smell
– Stomach cramps
– Dry mouth and skin
– Dry mucous membranes
– Loss of skin elasticity
– Excessive thirst
– Dehydration
– Low urine output
– Leg cramps and muscle cramps
– Heart palpitations
– Nausea and vomiting
– Low blood pressure
– Exhaustion and weakness
– Sunken eyes
– Irritability and restlessness

– The cause of this condition is medically termed as bacterium vibrio cholerae.
– Contaminated water and food.

1. Purify water
– Purchase either spring water, or natural water at your local stores.
– Create a purifying system to clean your water at home.
– Steaming the water for 20 minutes and then screen to drain the water later.
– The screener will eliminate any other contaminates.

2. Bay essential oils
It is commonly used as an:
• Antiseptic
• Analgesic
• Antibiotic
• Astringent
• Anti-neuralgic
• Insecticide
• Febrifuge
• Sedative

3. Oils
Oils that are used to treat cholera
• Juniper
• Cedarwood
• Ginger
• Ylang oils
• Geranium
• Coriander
• Lemon oils
• Eucalyptus
• Lavender
• Rosemary
• Rose
• Thyme
• Orange flavored oils

4. Vitamins
– Certain vitamins or daily supplements can help prevent, or treat cholera.
– Inositol is one of the best supplements known to treat cholera.
– Taking Inositol daily is benefitable.
– It will help to speed up the fat metabolism.
– It helps to prevent viral infections and cardiovascular conditions.

5. Lemon
– The use of lemon helps in reducing the levels of cholera bacilli in the intestines and digestive system.
– Lemon juice that is taken either sweet or salted can help.

6. Guava
– A decoction of the root bark of the guava tree and boiled water should be drunk twice daily.
– This will reduce cholera symptoms like nausea and vomiting.

7. Onions
– Onions with fresh black pepper ground together helps to treat cholera and its associated thirst.

8. Coconut Water
– Mix equal quantities of coconut water and cucumber juice to relieve thirst.
– It also prevents dehydration.

9. Cloves
– Boil cloves in water until half the water evaporates.
– Drink the concoction several times a day.

10. Nutmeg
– Steep half a nutmeg in half a liter of water to make an infusion.
– Add to this infusion half a liter of coconut water.
– Administer this 15ml at a time to minimize cholera symptoms.

11. Chaff
– Rough chaff which is also known as Achyranthes aspera should be mixed with half cup of water and taken daily by cholera patient.

Diet for Cholera
– Re-hydration is the first step towards recovery from cholera.
– A diet for cholera patients should be able to replace lost fluids and reducing excessive thirst.
– Patients should have lots of water, soda, and coconut water all through the day.
– Only small amounts should be drunk at a time.
– Patients can even be given cubes of ice to suck on.

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