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What are different home remedies for Chlamydia?

– One of the most widespread of all Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) is caused by the presence of the chlamydia trachomatis bacteria.
– Chlamydia can be described as a bacterial infection that affects the genital tract.
– From here it can easily be spread to others through sexual contact.
– Men and women of all age groups are vulnerable to infection.

– Chlamydia signs and symptoms are virtually non-existent in the first one or two weeks.
– Painful urination.
– Discomfort in the lower abdominal area.
– Pain in the testicles.
– Pain during intercourse.
– Vaginal discharge.

– This condition is spread through sexual contact.
– It could be anal, vaginal or oral.
– Pregnant women may also spread the bacteria to their inborn babies during delivery.
– Infertility.
– The Fallopian tubes get scarred.
– UTIs
– Pelvic inflammatory diseases
– Rectal inflammation
– Epididymitis
– Chronic pain in the pelvis
– Prostatitis
– Other sexually transmitted diseases

– The use of herbs in the treatment of various conditions has become quite popular.
– Popular herbs for chlamydia treatment include:
1. Goldenseal
• Goldenseal is available in the capsule form.
• It can be consumed once or up to twice a day.
• It stimulates the immune system.
• It also gives a boost to the defenses of the body.

2. Echinacea
– Echinacea contains antimicrobial properties.
– It strengthens the immune system.
– You can consume this herb in the form of a capsule, or in the form of a tincture.

3. Garlic
– The efficiency of garlic has been widely established in the treatment of various conditions.
– Herbalists also recommend using garlic in the treatment of
– Garlic is believed to have a natural antibiotic effect.
– One can simply consume raw garlic.
– Add it to your food as just another ingredient.
– One could try having garlic in capsules form.

4. Wild oregano
– Wild oregano is another herb that is believed to possess antibacterial properties.
– This is why it is also considered as a cure for chlamydia.

– Follow a healthy and balanced diet.
– This will help to ensure that one’s immunity is strengthened.
– It enables your body to overcome the infection more effectively.
– Try and include foods like:
• Fresh fruits and vegetables that are loaded with vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients.
• Probiotics foods such as yogurt.
• Certain varieties of fish.
– Alkaline forming and fiber-rich foods, like
• Beans
• Whole grains
• Seeds
• Nuts
– Leafy greens or any other greens like
• Alfalfa
• Chlorella
• Wheat grass
• Barley grass
– Reduce your intake of certain foods like:
• Red meat
• Whole fat dairy products
• Butter
• Canned, processed or refined food
• Alcohol
• Caffeine

– Using condoms while engaging in sexual activities.
– Limiting the number of sexual partners.
– Going in for regular screenings and checkups.
– Avoiding the practice of douching.

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