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What are different home remedies for Alzheimer? Part 1

– Alzheimer’s disease is described as a progressive and irreversible condition which leads to a slow destruction or degeneration of the brain cells and in a gradual loss of memory.
– Slow loss of memories equates to a slow loss of self.
– Alzheimer’s is a dreaded disease as all the memories slowly fade away.
– This condition is not reversible.

– Memory loss
– Disorientation
– Effect on Speaking and Writing
– Effect on thinking and Reasoning
– Personality and Behavioral Changes

– Aimless wandering
– Aggressiveness
– Irritability
– Distrust
– Social withdrawal
– Depression
– Sleeping problems
– Obstinacy
– Mood swings
– Increased anxiety

– Yoga and meditation are a breakthrough to this disease.
– The regular practice of yoga (different posture) and meditation including “Pranayama” (the breathing technique) helps in Alzheimer’s disease.
– The placebo therapy works very well on Alzheimer’s disease.
– Studies reveal that Ginkgo biloba tincture is helpful in this condition.
– One has to take leaf extract of Ginkgo biloba to treat Alzheimer’s disease.
– One has to take care as Ginkgo increases aspirin’s blood-thinning capacity.
– Start taking biofeedback.
– This will help in improving memory status of the patient who is suffering from this disease.
– Try to note down everything which you forget. Try to call a person with his or her name.
– Rhymes and rhythms are best for memory enhancing and act as a good home remedy for Alzheimer’s.
– The brain of an Alzheimer’s patient is extremely low in hydrogen sulfide.
– Taking soy milk might help in Alzheimers through the increase in hydrogen sulfide.
– Use turmeric as a spice in food on a daily basis.
– This acts as an anti-inflammatory.
– This helps keep brain function crisp and active.
– Steep a few drops of lemon or peppermint oil in a cup of hot water.
– Inhale these vapors to get an invigorating awakening and thus help in Alzheimer’s disease.
– Place three drops in each nostril twice a day for depression.
– Steep one half teaspoon of sage and one quarter teaspoon of basil in a cup of hot water.
– Drink this solution early in the morning and early in the evening for depression.
– Soak about six to eight almonds in water overnight.
– In the morning peel and eat them before eating anything else.
– It is important for Alzheimer’s patients to follow a regular exercise routine.
– A 30-minute walk each day can help improve physical and mental health.
– A patient should be made to carry some kind of identification and address at all times.
– Alternately, chair exercises or a stationary bike may also be a good idea.
– Being socially active is also a good form of exercise for the brain.

A Caregiver’s Guide to Alzheimer’s Disease: 300 Tips for Making Life Easier Learning to Speak Alzheimer’s The 36-Hour Day, fourth edition

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