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What are different home remedies for Corns? – Part 1

What is a Corn?
• A corn refers to a localized thickening of the skin which is usually on the toes and extends into subcutaneous tissue.
• A corn is usually small and painful.

Symptoms of Corns
• Found over the Joints of the Toes.
• Corns and Calluses: On Feet.

Causes of Corns
• Pressure on the Toes and Skin Surfaces of the Feet through Incorrect Footwear
• Toe Corns

Home Remedies of Corns

1. Corns Treatment using Liquorice
• Liquorice is one of the most valuable remedies for corns.
• A paste that is made by grinding three or four liquorice sticks and then mixing it with half a teaspoon of sesame oil or mustard oil should be rubbed into the hardened skin at bedtime.
• The skin gradually softens and the corn decreases in size.

2. Corns Treatment using Lemon
• Lemon is another valuable remedy for corns.
• A fresh slice of lemon should be tied over the painful area at night.
• It should be allowed to remain there the whole night.

3. Corns Treatment using Papaya
• Raw papaya is beneficial for treating corns.
• Its juice is an irritant and hence a useful application in this condition.
• Half a teaspoon of raw papaya juice may be applied three times daily.

4. Corns Treatment using Indian Squill
• The herb Indian squill is botanically known as Urginea indica and is useful in removing corns.
• A bulb may be roasted and applied over the corn.
• It should be secured with a bandage.
• This application should be kept at night and removed in the morning.

5. Corns Treatment using Green Figs
• The milky juice of green figs is useful for corns of long duration.
• It helps to soften them.
• Half a teaspoon of this juice may be extracted from the fruit and administered two or three times on a daily basis.

6. Corns Treatment using Chalk Powder
• Chalk powder has also been found beneficial in the treating corns.
• A small piece of chalk should be ground into a paste with water and applied over the affected area.

7. Corn treatment using castor oil
• Apply Castor oil at night to the affected area and wash it off in the morning.
• Wear thick socks so that the sheets do not get stained with the oil.

8. Corn treatment using Aspirin
• Aspirin is also a great remedy for healing corns.
• Put three drops of water over a few aspirins to make a paste.
• Apply this paste on the corn.
• Cover the corn with a band aid.
• Leave on overnight.
• Repeat this process every night until the corn heals completely.

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