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What are different home remedies for Burning tongue?

What is Burning Tongue?
• A burned tongue is a common and a minor problem that everyone experiences once in a while.
• No real treatment is needed for a burned tongue, if it is minor.
• For major burn, take the advice of a doctor.

Cause of Burning Tongue
• Hormonal imbalance
• Low estrogen level
• Diabetes
• Oral candida (oral yeast)
• Dry mouth (xerostomia)
• Use of medicines that consist of diuretics, oral diabetic meds, some blood pressure medicines.
• Impurities in blood (dyscrasias, anemia)
• Problems in nutrition that consists of vitamin B-12, niacin, iron, or folic acid)
• Gastric acid reflux
• Allergies from various things
• Dental problems
• Bad oral hygiene
• Psychological disorders
• Use of tobacco
• Mouth cancer or some other disease

Symptoms of Burning Tongue
• The patient experiences burning sensation in some parts of tongue, lips, gums, palate, throat or entire mouth area.
• One can also face a burning sensation on the tip of your tongue.
• Pain increases during the day.
• One can experience thirst.
• Change of taste in some cases one may lose taste.

Home Remedies for Burning Tongue
• Vitamin B complex is one of the most valuable home remedies for burning tongue.
• Take either in the form of pills or in the form of vegetables and fruits.
• While facing a burning tongue problem one should refrain from the spicy foods and the food that is soaked in oil.
• The patient should try to include iron rich foods in his diet.
• One should start brushing their teeth with baking powder.
• Refrain from the use of toothpaste.
• Gargle with the decoction made up of Triphala known for its cooling effects. This is one of the best remedies for burning tongue.
• Decoction made from Babool is one of the best home remedies for burning tongue.
• It offers relief from inflammation.
• Application of some glycerin is also considered one of the best home remedies for burning tongue.
• One should keep the wounds hydrated for speedy recovery.
• Kavala and Gandusha are considered the best home remedies for tongue burning.
• Keep an ice cube in your mouth and rub it over your tongue and hold it for a brief period. Do this till the acute burning sensation becomes minimal.
• Butter is another alternative that can be used upon burnt tongue.
• Use homemade butter which is without salt.
• The salt present in commercial butter may irritate the condition.
• Use of honey is another effective remedy.
• Use of oatmeal in the cereal eaten is another remedy.
• Mouth burns can be relieved by rinsing with salt water every hour or so.
• Mix 1/2 teaspoon salt in 8 ounces warm water.
• Using a small amount of aloe Vera will also help to heal the burn.
• Eat a cupful of icecream or drink a cold juice to numb temporarily the sensation of burn.

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