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What are different home remedies for Bacterial Vaginitis? – Part 1

What is Bacterial Vaginitis?
• Bacterial vaginitis is a vaginal infection.
• It is one of the most common reasons for vaginitis during reproductive years.
• Bacterial vaginitis is not a STD.
• It can be caused through sexual intercourse.
• Bacterial vaginitis is known medically as bacterial vaginosis.
• It is the most common type of vaginal infection.
• The main cause of bacterial vaginitis is an imbalance in the natural flora of the vagina.
• This causes a rapid increase in the growth of certain bacteria.
• These bacteria are normally present in the vagina.
• The sudden increase in their numbers is the cause of the infection.

Symptoms of Bacterial Vaginitis
– There could be changes in the odor.
– There can be change in the color of the vaginal discharge.
– Itching or irritation in vagina.
– Pain while Urinating.
– Light bleeding from vagina.
– Fishy odor and grayish white discharge from vagina.
– This could be especially after sexual intercourse.

This imbalance could be caused due to various reasons such as:
• Repeated sexual intercourse in a short duration.
• This will lead to a rise in the vaginal pH.
• It results in growth of bacteria and infection like symptoms.
• Urinating after sexual intercourse has been proven to have several positive effects.
• It helps in the prevention of bacterial vaginosis.
• It helps to flush out the bacteria within the urethra.
• This will help to prevent a bacterial vaginosis infection.
• Moisture (for long period of time) in the vaginal area caused by restrictive and nonabsorbent synthetic clothing.
• Use of chemicals that may cause irritation.
• Use of antibiotics that changes the balance of the bacterial environment in the vagina.

Home Remedies for Bacterial Vaginitis
1. Yogurt
• Eat or apply plain yogurt directly to the vagina.
• A tampon soaked in yogurt can be inserted.

2. Garlic
• Garlic has antibacterial and antifungal properties.
• Garlic can be taken internally or can be applied directly on the vagina.

3. Calendula herb
• Use calendula herb to reduce the inflammation.
• Add 12 tsp of calendula to boiling water, steep the mixture and cool it before use.

4. Tea bags
• Soak a tea bag in water.
• Cool it in refrigerator.
• Apply it to the vagina.

5. Herbs
Herbs like tea tree oil, black walnut, Echinacea and goldenseal are effective in treating bacterial vaginitis.

6. Boric acid
• Use boric acid douche to acidify vaginal pH.
• This douche will help to reduce inflammation.

7. Use of powder
• Use powder to help absorb the moisture and prevent infection.
• Use a medicated anti-bacteria powder.

8. Apple cider vinegar
• By adding few cups of apple cider vinegar in the bath water and douching for few minutes is an effective home remedy.

9. Folic acid supplements
• Taking folic acid supplements also helps in reducing the symptoms of this disease.

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