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What are different home remedies for Bursitis?

• Bursitis can be defined as a common sports-related injury.
• A bursa is nothing but a fluid-filled sac that is present inside each joint.
• Bursa lies between a joint bone and the muscle or tendon that covers it.
• It acts as padding or a shock-absorber and thus protects the soft tissue from damage.
• Friction of the bone over the bursa may cause inflammation of the entire structure.
• It then leads to pain and swelling.
• This condition is known as bursitis.
• Bursitis occurs at any joint in the body but shoulders, knees and elbows are the commonest sites of bursitis.

• Rheumatoid arthritis
• Joint overuse
• Joint injury
• Joint infection
• Gout
• Arthritis
• Bursa infectious condition
• Certain diseases
• Some profession such as athletics and running
• Obesity


• Grate one potato and add to a cup of water.
• Steep it overnight and then strain in the next morning.
• Drink the whole liquid at a time before breakfast.
• It should be done on a daily basis for maximum benefit and to prevent bursitis.
• One should increase intake of calcium and vitamin B12.
• Eating food that provides plenty of magnesium e.g. leafy vegetables will be better idea.
• One should also drink a mixture of water, apple cider vinegar and honey.
• One can add one tbsp of cayenne pepper to one cup of apple cider vinegar and then bring it to a boil.
• Simmer for about fifteen minutes.
• Dip a cloth into the liquid and then apply over the affected area as a poultice.
• You can also rub the area with warm olive oil before directly onto the skin.
• Sea waters have also been proven to cure chronic bursitis.
• Drink it daily.
• You can purchase the sea water from a local health food store.
• One can also add several drops of lavender oil to the bathwater to relieve spasms of pain.
• Grate a fresh horseradish root.
• Moisten it with water and then put it in a small porous bag.
• Use this as a poultice and apply it over the affected joint.
• Application of sandalwood paste is known to be soothing.
• Make the paste by taking one tsp of sandalwood powder and adding little water forming a paste.
• Then rub it gently onto the affected area.
• Apply warm ghee (butter oil) as nose drops into the nostrils (5 drops in each nostril) to relieve the pain.
• Gently rub some sesame oil, eucalyptus oil or tea tree oil locally.
• Application of mahanarayan oil, or neem oil onto the inflamed joint or other painful area is also beneficial.
• One can try for different yoga poses such as the Camel, Cobra, Cow, and Cat.
• The Spinal-Twist and Forward Bend will be useful treating bursitis.
• The yellow pigment in turmeric called curcumin, is a very effective anti-inflammatory.
• Apply it on the affected area.
• Vitamin C is a wonder nutrient.
• Its antioxidant properties make it an ideal addition to the diet.
• Vitamin C is vital for preventing and repairing injuries.
• Drink just 3/4 cup orange juice a day
• Pineapples contain bromelain, an enzyme, which reduces inflammation in sports injuries, such as bursitis, and reduces swelling.

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